Flower Essence Therapy

There a several ways you can work with Flowers. 

You can take and work with Flower Essences our dive deep into Flower Essence Therapy. Each are a unique way of working with the flowers. Each support you to develop a different relationship with working with yourself and also creating a relationship with the flowers.

These are the specific ways you can work with them below

Personalised Flower Essences

A personalised flower essence helps you to find a better state of mind and heart.

I select and craft a personalised essence for you from an array of flower essences from all over the world. Namely West Australian, Australian, Bach and FES Flower Essences.

A essence is formulated from a specific and targeted questionnaire. After reviewing your responses to the we identify the options that will provide the maximum benefits tailored to your needs.

My flower essences are renowned in helping others to speak up, feel confident, find their creative fire, rejuvenate, and shift their perspective to align with their true nature.
They weave their healing energy to help you find an inner calm amongst the chaos, revealing new healing pathways, and open your heart to new directions.

What’s Included

In addition to your personalised flower essence you will also receive 

  • Personalised emails and support
  • Bespoke resources that continue to empower you
  • Reminders and prompts to keep you on track to healing and empowerment

Each essence encapsulates the healing energy of the native flower. And each plays a specific role. 

I thoroughly investigate to understand your needs in order to pinpoint the very nature of what you need.  Helping you to find your way back to who you are and balance mind and heart in the process.

Our Flower Essence Blends

Working with Flower Essences can gift you the most incredible insights, inner transformation and gentle healing. The essence of nature, the stars, the sun, the moon and the earth all reside in our flowery helpers.

There are a many ways of working with flower healing.  You can take and work with single flower essences or blended flower remedies and move into a deeper way of working with the flowers with Flower Essence Therapy

As you know Flower Essences are natures little elixirs. 

Flower Essences exert a positive subtle and healing influence and gift support so you can cope better when life is challenging and demanding. Flower Essences added to the first aid kit are always recommended

Our Range of Flower Essences

I have a range of flower blended Flower Essences and adding new ones all the time.

With these 4 unique formulas you have the power to treat 

●  Grief
●  Trauma
●  Mind chatter 
●  Insomnia
●  Mood swings
●  Burn out
Flower Essence Silverdale Natural Therapy Kalamunda Perth Hills Lesmurdie
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What’s the purpose of each Flower Essence?

Amano for scattered thinking. A mind that is continually churning depletes our energy; this is the perfect solution.
Especially if you’re waking at night and can’t get back to sleep.

Grief relief for soothing the heart and comforting the soul. It can lift the pain off the body when dealing with profound loss.

CareGivers essence for filling your cup should you feel or heading for burn out. It is a rejuvenator. It will look after you and your energy.

Focus for calming the mind and allowing for the mind to focus. It calms the central nervous system so you can focus on the task at hand. Brilliant for writers and students


Flower Affinity Flower Reading 

A very special and powerful Flower Essence Therapy session. Flower Essence Therapy dives deeper, using the symbols and healing signature of the flowers.
Flower energy is super subtle and sensitive and what you pick and attract is very accurate for what you need in that particular moment. From here we find a selection and then we read the symbolism of the flower healing offer and how you might use their messages in your life and what they might be referring to.
You walk away with a new mindset and also insights into next steps and a flower essence specifically created from the flowers you have chosen.

Blossoming Wisdom: The Power of Flower Affinity

Flower Affinity readings are incredibly accurate. This is the session and time the essence of the flowers will speak,

Gaining insight, wisdom and more from the flowers you choose. Many of the choices come another part of your mind – one that you cannot control and it gifts you a sense of what is occurring for you.

If you find yourself:

  • Confused, discover clarity.
  • Frustrated, uncover patience.
  • Troubled without a clear cause, unveil solutions through your inner mystery.
  • Anxious, experience a heightened sense of calm and discover ways to access it.
  • On a journey of personal growth, find guidance.
  • Feeling lost, identify a simple step that can transform your situation positively.


We dive deep into the flower botanical families and even can analyse the colours from the flowers you have picked.

You receive your flower essence and other resources to support your process.

It is super gentle and nourishing and with the flower remedy you can start diving deeper into creating a relationship with the flowers you have attracted.

You also receive very specific resources and tools to utilise the flower healing that has been offered.

Baihui Healing 

This healing comes in two parts on two seperate days.

We move through the same Flower Affinity reading process and then we access the power of the flowers by placing them on specific points of the body.

A Baihui Session – is a self diagnostic process where you choose (your subconscious chooses) flowers for your healing. It is called a Baihui Session as the flowers are placed on this acupressure point on the body. It is the place where all the meridian points of our system meet.
This treatment session focuses on using the Flower Essences to work subconsciously with your mind, emotions, and body. Bringing about deep awareness of your behaviour, language and any past traumas that are blocking your way to move forward in life.

Together we work to find the core issue of what is ready to be looked at. This session is incredibly accurate, powerful and insightful.

From here the flowers are placed on the Baihui points (Crown) of the head, which are connected to your meridians and acu-points for your entire body. This means that we can influence all of your organs, tissues and glands.

The flowers lift the frequency of the body and energy system and what lies beneath arises to the conscious mind. It is very powerful. The mind can let go of old thoughts and a new perspective is brought through.

Once this process has been completed,  a flower essence is created, one that’s individually yours to encourage continual integration and understanding. Taken over a small period of time to integrate the clearing and create sustainable change.  

4 days later you will have a body work Bowen session and also as a check in to make sure you’ve started the integration process. This day or the day prior the energy of the flowers starts to drop and this be a  period of adjustment.
The Baihui Flower Healing is incredibly powerful and soul development process.
Side Note: This is not for the fainted hearted and can be an incredibly strong and powerful session. A complimentary 15 min chat is on offer to see if this is a good fit for you. 
This session for both the Baihui session and body work $250 including flower essence and further resources.
It is an in clinic session only.

As each flower is placed you are able to access parts of the self you may never know existed and will eventually come to a breakthrough moment when no more flowers are needed – Your essence has been created.

From this point and after the BaiHui session is complete you will be given a range of resources to support your process and capitalise on what has been revealed.

This is tailored specifically for what arises for you and what your needs are through this process.

Using the energy of the flowers in this way is incredibly special and also allows you to feel and know the flowers in a very personal and meaningful way.

Pictures of the flowers that have supported you on this journey will also be given to you so you are able to create a relationship with them.

When we can create a specific relationship with nature in this way it opens doors to further healing. 

There is nothing better than feeling connected yourself, to the earth and the freedom healing brings.