Flower Essence Therapy

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are the encapsulated healing vibration of flowers. Each flower has its own healing vibration, and signature. 

The way the plant and flower grow are indicators of its healing essence. 

Through the lunar cycle – flowers are picked and placed in water and over time the healing vibration of the flower is released into the water – which then becomes the stock essence.

For millennia, Australian Aborigines and many first people cultures have harnessed the transformative power of flower essences, utilising them to foster healing within themselves, their tribes, and the Earth. 

A profound tradition spanning 65 thousand years, it is recounted that infants were welcomed into the world nestled within earth pits adorned with Boab flowers.

The Boab essence, a revered remedy, serves as a conduit for dispelling negative emotional and mental family patterns perpetuated through generations.

This essence possesses the unique ability to access and clear these core patterns along with their associated beliefs. They can awaken and soothe. Support you to cope after deep loss, rejuvenate, help us focus and also quieten the mind.

Our First Nations people possessed a profound understanding of energy patterns, recognising the imperative of tending to the well-being of successive generations as an inherent aspect of their cultural heritage and purpose.

What is Flower Essence Therapy?


Flower Essence Therapy is different and more in depth that flower essence. It uses the healing vibration of flowers and encourages the connection and relationship to form with the flowers directly. 

Flower Essences are very powerful, Flower Therapy takes things to another level as you are in direct relationship with the flowers and the plants. When you look at a photo graph of flower if you look at it for long enough you will the feel it’s energy and imparting messages. 

Flower Essence Therapy uses the symbolism and healing properties of flower to create healing and personal development strategies.

Flowers are the great attractors – you will gravitate to a certain flower when you need to feel and envelop its healing energy.


Flower Essences and Aboriginal Culture

Through training with Living Essences Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao I was incredibly fortunate to participate in a flower pit healing. It was the most powerful experience that has stayed with me.

It helped me understand the power of collective process and understand the power of the flowers and the pure energy of nature.

Ken Colbung was the Aboriginal elder that shared his wisdom and a relationship that spanned for many years.

A prominent Aboriginal activist and respected Noongar Elder of the Bibbulmun people.

Ken was a black activist and campaigner for the recognition of cultural and human rights for Aboriginal people, he was actively involved in the Australian Black Power Movement of the 1960s and was instrumental in developing the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972, which governs the protection and preservation of Indigenous heritage sites in Western Australia.

Ken is a well respected Aboriginal elder who passed in January of 2010. 

Below is a video of Ken talking about the healing magic of flowers from his cultural perspective.

Please note the following video contains pictures of an Aboriginal man and elder.

How are the Flower Essences Used?

Flower essences are used topically or orally. Most commonly placing a few drops under the tongue. Taken morning and night, depending on what’s needed. You can also add to your water bottle and sip throughout the day

You can also place them under your pillow to receive the healing energy from the flower.



How Can Work with Flower Essence Healing?

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Flower Affinity Session

This is a self diagnosing flower reading. 

This reading is very accurate and gifts you insight and intuitive knowing about your next steps and what you need to focus on right now.

These can be booked online and in clinic.

You walk away with a deeply resonate flower essence created by you for you and given next steps and tools for what’s needed right now.

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Personalised Flowers Essences

If you’d like a personalised essence that’s formulated especially for you. 

You can order this via the online store. 

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Aligning Body, heart and soul (This is a 2 part session – $250 including Flower Essence. In clinic session only