Personalised Flower Essences

This is the best place to start to create something extra special for you that will bring more calm, clarity and a sense of inner support. Especially through times of significant transition in your life.

A personalised flower essence remedy that’s tailored specifically to your needs. 

Navigating change especially when the shit hits the fan can feel like a lonely and deeply emotional experience, scary even if you’re not used to walking in the unknown.

Flower Essences exert a positive powerful influence on your health,  your mind and the way you can navigate through life and daily challenges.

Whilst life is full of them. I can create the support to help 

If you 

  • Can’t sleep. 
  • Feel lost, or suffering loss
  • Are tired all the time
  • Feel agitated or frustrated
  • Going through deep life changes 
  • Your mind churns and doesn’t shut up.
  • You need something to ease your anxiety.
  • Or you’re in deep, needing inner support through an emotionally sensitive and raw time

This is for you.


How Does it Work? 

I select and craft a personalised essence for you from an array of over 130 Native West Australian and Australian Bush flowers.

Your personalised essence supports you as you release old ways of thinking, beliefs that no longer serve and old traumas that sit deep within.

They weave their healing magic by cutting past the mind, and help you find calm amongst the chaos, revealing new healing pathways, and open your heart to new directions. 

Accessing parts of yourself you didn’t know exists.

My flower essences are renowned in helping others to speak up, feel confident, find their creative fire, rejuvenate, and shift their perspective to align with their true nature.



The personalised essence helps you to find a better state of mind and heart. 

What’s Included

In addition to your personalised flower essence you will also receive 

  • Personalised emails and support
  • Bespoke resources that continue to empower you
  • Reminders and prompts to keep you on track to healing and empowerment

Each essence encapsulates the healing energy of the native flower. And each plays a specific role. 

I thoroughly investigate to understand your needs in order to pinpoint the very nature of what you need.  Helping you to find your way back to who you are and balance mind and heart in the process.

A personalised essence can lift you up and out of any funk

If you wish to move forward, smash through in a very calm and gentle way, find the inner strength to create positive change and access the depth of who you are. 

This is yours