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Below are some free resources. Information I’ve written in response to repeated issues that seem to come up time and time again.that They are free to download. 

Book of Healing | Tracy OMeara Smith

Life can throw us curve balls – continuous moments of grief, loss pain and crisis,

In times like this, we can feel incredibly alone in the depth of the experience.

We can hold stress and trauma in our body and the memories can play out – the past forever present in the future. 

You can move past this. Bit by bit. Simplifying our way to healing gifts us the time and the space to find our way back to our heart and allows us to begin and create a new landscape for our life.

You can use all or only some of these helpful tools.

Information on 

  • Journalling
  • Affirmation
  • Creative outlets
  • New perspectives on Pain

The hope is these resources you will help you find your way and work out what your needs are. All can bring greater clarity and support this healing journey.

Here’s the link to download

Did you know that 1 billion people worldwide suffer from migraines?

All with different levels of intensity. Migraine pain can be so debilitating you cannot function, walk, talk, see or even reason.

As you’re aware Migraines can happen with a blinding aura creating visual disturbances This, a pre-warning, Head pain arises soon after and sometimes muscle weakness, nausea, loss of appetite and increased sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraines are known as a neurological ‘event’ involving nerves and hormones within the brain.

Migraine management can look like containing the pain, trying not to vomit, explode or all of the above. With relief not long lasting until the next one arrives or a lessening of symptoms within a few hours or a few days.

With this in mind I created this guide, sharing 5 of my favourite mindset and relief strategies to support and gift relief where possible. You’re not alone, with all you are managing you are strong and relentless and this little ebook may trigger insight or even gift you the pivot you need to find positive change. 

You can download it here

Migraine Strategy, Tracy OMeara Smith
Book of Menopause - Healing and support | Tracy O'Meara Smith

Menstruation is a woman’s cycle of nature that’s very much part of a woman’s life.

An initiation. A young girl moves into to womanhood. It’s a celebration.

A time of fertility. Then women mature into another deep cycle.

Enter Menopause. This too can be a time of celebration and empowerment, even though you may not feel.

This is a very strong phase of life that’s very much misunderstood because of all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes women are forced to navigate.

The body moving from its physical fertile cycle phase to what has been described as  “the metaphysical” creation phase. Symptoms can tip the inner balance. It can be exhausting, confusing and destabilising.

The monthly bleed becomes irregular and illusive at times, hot sweats, emotional mood swings eliciting very strong emotions and feelings, confusion, insecurity and sometimes personal crisis as your identity shifts, even to the point of what we loved prior no longer resonates.

It can feel super challenging navigating hormonal changes, emotional upheaval and also mental and spiritual deepening.

For further support download the Book of Menopause here.

Be sure to revisit this page again and again. I’ll be adding more free resources to gift support when you need it most.

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