Meet Tracy

Many of us are kind and just. We care.
Sometimes we can get stuck, confused
and feel the pains of the present and past very acutely.

Life can be a cascade of change and constant readjustment. And moving through crisis after crisis can feel isolating, draining and confusing on mind, heart and soul. Our sensitivity heightened and the simplest things can feel overwhelming.

I, too have moved through some strong times and through this process I picked up some pretty important insights along the way.

One thing I’ve come to understand is that you can transform pain into a gift. Or into something that empowers.

The key is recognise where you are at. And through this validation you can create new ways of operating and being in the world.

It starts by accepting what is occurring in the present and not pushing past the point of my pains, allowing myself to process, sit with the discomfort and open my mind and heart to more.

Healing takes time.

There are so many layers to this and it can’t be rushed.

In what ever state, connecting to my our wisdom has been paramount.

The tools I studied and rave about – bring about this reconnection and bring an inner depth to access what you need to release and also own.

The  empowering holistic tools of Bowen Therapy, EFT and Flower essences have changed my life.

The work I do helps to move through and empower holding a greater force of self belief, hope and also the faith in life, the processes we under go and also that whatever life throws at us “this too shall pass”. 

And when you can do this your world naturally opens. Embracing all of it. All the shit, you can liberate yourself and create a new path, heal and move forward. But only when you’re ready.

Flower Essence Therapy is very powerful and opens doors to the mind and heart in ways you may have never imagined.

I believe in the power of nature. We are very much apart of this realm. Our hearts naturally open when we see flowers in bloom or we take time to be amongst nature.

Flowers are here to support us a this time in history.

I truly believe this and have witnessed and experienced the empowerment they gift.

I’m here because of ONE intrinsic truth…

To and ease the suffering of others. Like so many, I’ve moved through deep psychological imbalance, chronic pain, grief and loss. I’ve lacked self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. 

Life at times felt constantly overwhelming and couldn’t focus on anything. I was anxious and carried so much shame around my past and where I had come from.

And like so many of you, all I ever wanted was to feel SAFE in my own skin.

I understand how easy it is to:

  • Want to run and hide
  • Pretend things don’t exist
  • Delude yourself of the truth
  • Be so highly cranked you could snap at any moment
  • Overthinking everything 
  • Feeling and focusing on the negative and resisting solutions 
  • Not communicate my needs or respect others needs
  • Isolate and alienate myself from those that care about me

You don’t have to live like this.

I’m a walking testament that you can heal, empower and gain the confidence to live the life of your own design. You can have and feel fun, be happy and find an inner contentment that lasts and doesn’t go away.

You can feel safe in your own body. You can feel safe in your own mind and with your own beliefs and ideals.

It wasn’t until the death of my father that my true journey began. Grief does this. It is brings us back to the body and shows us what needs to shift and change. 

It was the start of something different. Through this loss, something opened, and life was never the same.

I learned to 

  • Shift behaviour and family reactive patterns
  • Released anger and resentment
  • Opened my heart to more
  • Found space in my life to feel, integrate and understand trauma
  • How the mind and body are intrinsically linked
  • Believe in myself 
  • Even like myself 
  • Trust in the process
  • Accept myself in always – warts and all


What I came to understand.

Your body is so much more than a physical structure.  There’s an intelligence that sits behind the pain and discomfort. The noise and the frustration.

Acknowledgement and validating where you are at is key. It supports you to access the greater picture, purpose and reasons. There’s always a process in play. The crap can be hard to see the forrest from the trees, however when you can be honest with yourself. It gets easier from here on in.

All can bring you to the essence which is you. This  wisdom is what you can tap into at any time when you become conscious of what you carry and hold true.

Cultivating this relationship fuels healing, wisdom and inner power.

It comes forward in many ways. The relationship to yourself is the one that matters most and is established and constantly re-established through your life – it’s an ongoing journey that never ends.

Knowing this, helps us to be more accepting of what is. It is not a race.

I’ve studied in various modalities learning so much about the human condition.

I have a Diploma in Bowen Therapy, Cert IV Mind, Body Medicine Flower Essence Therapy,

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Diploma in Biochemic Medicine – Tissue Salt Therapy.

Most recently completed a series of research case studies in FES Flower Essences – Global Certified Practitioner 

Life experience that has kept me grounded and real.

All gift the freedom from cycles of pain and discomfort bringing personal insight and empowerment.    

If you feel it’s time to move forward, I cannot stress this enough – it’s time to gift yourself the time and space and allow this to occur.

You won’t regret it.



Do you feel there’s something missing?

The way I work is very unique. I blend modalities, that calm, awaken and soothe. Ultimately the only person who allows and lets healing to occur is you. The tools I offer can support you a depth within yourself so you can access what you need when you need it. Reconnecting to yourself, or gifting yourself the space to breathe, allows you to find these missing links and allow for true healing to make themselves known.

Bowen and Flower Essence Therapy and mind set modalities such as EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques all allow for a shift in the relationship you have with yourself, you pain and mind. They help you to connect to what you feel is real to you and your heart.

The work I do has helped so many others to awaken and find an inner resilience to walk through the challenges. And if needed, manage and cope with what they are currently navigating.  

Sometimes life sends us curve balls. By accepting this – and also allowing in support, helps you need to look after yourself as move through deep and challenging times. In most cases it is a pivot point to create a new pathway to move forward.

Facilitating deep healing is an incredible honour.

 We’re not here by accident

We’re here to master the human experience. Making life about the journey and not the destination. 

It brings us to a greater level of acceptance. And we can accept ourselves and our situation it allows you feel comfortable, capable and also trust in what is happening within and outside of you. Being less reactive and more proactive.

Sometimes whilst you’re in it you might not realise it – yet this can be the first step in changing your world for the better. Even leave a legacy for future generations or change one so that yours don’t have to suffer in the way that you have. We all have the power to do this one way or another.

Feeling ok within yourself is enough.

This is the point and real freedom and liberation from the past to make way for … you can fill in the dots.

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