Meet Tracy...

Grounded and real. A woman with a HUGE heart. I care about Everything. The earth, family and positive change.

I’ve moved through crisis after crisis and through this process I picked some pretty important insights along the way. I transformed pain into a gift. 

I learned to move past my generational patterning and conditioning to leave a legacy for your future and future generations.

I mean that’s point isn’t it?

Not to repeat patterns of the past.

I believe we’re here to break the ties that bind us and move towards a unified consciousness. Healing generational patterns. 

That’s why I rave about ITA Energy Medicine and flower essences.

ITA builds and awakens the energy systems so we can hold a greater force of light. And when we can do this our world fully and naturally opens up. Embracing all of who we are, that’s all the shit, you can liberate yourself and create a new path, heal and move forward. 


We can attract, repel and influence the relationship we have with the self and with consciousness as a whole.

It’s powerful life changing stuff. 

I’m here because of ONE intrinsic truth…

Suffering pain and burnout, is an old way of operating, we are moving into a new era.

I believe we don’t need to suffer needlessly. We can learn and ease our suffering and then those of others. It’s time to change this paradigm.

Like so many, I’ve moved through deep psychological imbalance, chronic pain, grief and loss. I’ve lacked self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

I felt like I was in constant overwhelm and couldn’t focus on anything. I was anxious and carried so much shame around my family.

And like so many of you, all I ever wanted was to feel SAFE in my own skin.

I understand how easy it is to:

  • want to run and hide
  • pretend things don’t exist
  • delude yourself of the truth
  • be so highly cranked you could snap at any moment

You don’t have to live like this.

I’m a walking testament that you can heal, empower and gain the confidence to live the life of your own design. You can have and feel fun, be happy and find an inner contentment that lasts and doesn’t go away.

You can feel safe in your own body.

But it wasn’t until the death of my father that my true journey began and time to face all of me on a very deep level.

That was my new beginning, 10 years ago.

In that time I –

  • Transcended old behaviour and family patterns
  • Walked out of depression and
  • Released anger and resentment

And you can too.


What I believe now and always – 

Your body is so much more than a physical structure. 

There’s an energy system made up of an intricate web of light that surrounds you.

It carries an essence, a frequency and sound resonance, meridians and vortice channels – and when aligned these allow the TRUTH of who you are to step forward.

And in awakening this truth the relationship with consciousness changes too, fuelling healing, wisdom and inner power.               



The missing link

Energy medicine is the missing link in mainstream health and healing. 

I’ve seen and experienced this first-hand in my clinic blending tools such as Bowen and Flower Essence Therapy. Adding Energy Medicine to my tool kit has helped so many others to awaken and find an inner resilience to walk through the challenges of life without feeling offset.

Facilitating this deep healing is an incredible honour.


We’re not here by accident

We’re here to master the human experience. Making life not so much the destination, but the journey and its process. 

Accepting all that is.

Acceptance allows you to develop a fuller expression of who you are. To step into your truth.

To change the world for the better and leave a legacy for future generations.

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