Understanding Restless Leg Syndrome and Muscle Cramping

Restless Legs Blog and picture of legs running in mid air. Tissue Salt and Magnesium Relief.

Restless Legs Syndrome and muscle cramping, are both incredibly uncomfortable and bring discomfort in the legs.

Do you wake with the tension of the muscles in your legs, calves and thighs at night or before you go to sleep. Or have the sensations of something crawling up your legs, or pain soon as your legs stop moving they have this dull ache and you feel you have to constantly move. It’s exhausting.

Both are distinct conditions with very different characteristics and triggers. And both need be treated very differently

An explanation of each can be found below.

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS):

Nature of Sensations:

Tingling, itching, or aching sensations in the legs, accompanied by a strong urge to move.


Typically occurs when at rest, especially during the evening or night, affecting activities like sitting or lying down.

Movement Response:

Involuntary urge to move the legs to alleviate discomfort.


Persistent symptoms that can interfere with sleep and daily activities.

Muscle Cramping:

Nature of Sensations:

Sudden, involuntary contraction of muscles leading to pain and tightness. These can be in the legs, arms, back and reproductive organs ( especially in females)


Can occur during rest or physical activity, often caused by dehydration, muscle fatigue, or electrolyte imbalances. Menstruation can also be a cause

Movement Response:

While movement may provide relief, the contractions are not driven by a conscious urge to move.


Ranging from a few seconds to several minutes.

Movement, exercise, and stretching are helpful ways to find and extend relief.

For Relief: Tissue Salt Mineral Therapy

Tissue salts consist of lactose-based minerals, providing the body with essential mineral elements for balance (homeostasis). We naturally carry 12 minerals in our body.

They are easily absorbed, offering support when cell chemistry is deficient or the capacity to absorb other supplements is lacking.

Absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth, bypassing potential digestive issues.

They are incredibly effective for soothing the central nervous system, relaxing muscles, relieving headaches, premenstrual tension, stress, anxiety, and more.

They can be taken under the tongue or in combination with water.

Mineral Tissue Blend for Restless Legs and Cramping

For Cramping: A blend of magnesium and calcium tissue salts are incredibly effective to gain support relief from muscle cramping. You can take these under the tongue or dissolve in a water bottle and drink through the day.

For Restless Leg Syndrome: Everyday table salt, along with a blend of calcium and other mineral salts such as magnesium, can benefit those with restless legs syndrome.

Salt is what will bring relief.

You can start by simply sprinkling a small amount of salt on your palm, dip your finger in your mouth and then in the salt and then suck like you would you like a lolly. You can repeat every half hour for 2 hours and then every hour over a 3-hour period. You will need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

If you would love to know more about tissue salts – be sure to check out my website here and also this article. What are Tissue Salts?

If you would like to purchase a Restless Legs and Cramping Self Care Kit you can do so here. Magnesium and the other 12 mineral tissue salts can be found here.

Tissue Salt Consultation

Personalised Wellness Plan:

In-clinic or online facial diagnostic sessions can identify specific mineral deficiencies indicative of tissue salt needs.

Tailored Regimen:

A comprehensive assessment, combined with a thorough questionnaire, allows for the creation of a tailored tissue salt regimen.

Enhanced Well-being Toolkit: Incorporating specialized consultations ensures a precise and effective approach to holistic health.

For a personalised wellness plan and to delve deeper into the holistic understanding of your health, you can reach out via email at [email protected] or book directly here.

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