What are Tissue Salts?

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Tissue Salts are lactose based minerals, taken orally.

In 1873, homeopath Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler found through his research, the human body needed 12 natural mineral salt elements and another 12 added, to maintain and establish balance and good health. The technical term is called “homeostasis”.

There’s a tendency in our fast-paced, market-driven culture to take various forms of assorted vitamins and minerals. Tissue Salts are affordable and effective. They are natural to the body and easily absorbed

There’s a belief that ‘more is better.’ If your cell chemistry is deficient. If you don’t have the capacity to absorb these supplements. The bulk of them is then excreted without giving you any benefit.

As you’ll find out, tissue salts are easily absorbed by the body. All the details are below.

Why Tissue Salts are Incredibly effective

Schuessler created and compounded his mineral supplements within a lactose-based tablet. They are not homeopathic they are biochemical. They are a compounded mineral.

Made smaller than a blood cell, tissue salts are easily absorbed. Blood cells will only absorb things that are smaller than it. If something is considered too big by the blood cells it will naturally excrete it. The body loves tissue salts for this reason. The physical system accepts them naturally and easily.

This is why they are so effective. Less is better.

Tissue salts are also absorbed via the mucous membranes of the mouth bypassing the gut. Should you have any digestive or gut issues. Tissue salts are readily absorbed and incredibly effective.

What are the Benefits of Tissue Salts?

In a nutshell – they are effective, cheap and natural to the body’s constitution. This is the reason they were invented. So they could be accessible to everyone. Creating health in a simple easy and affordable way.

We needn’t suffer needlessly. A tissue mineral salt can and does make a difference. For your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

The Minerals of Life

Here are the 12 Mineral Salts required by the body.

Calc Fluor or Calcium Fluoride

Helps teeth with weak enamel and strengthens bones. Assists normal blood circulation and the treatment of cracked skin, muscle strain, and injured ligaments. It helps strengthen the blood vessels, bones, and teeth.

Calc Phos or Calcium Phosphate

This tissue salt also supports the health of the teeth, bones and connective tissues and is generally found in most of the skeletal system. It also helps to calm the central nervous system

Calc Sulph

This tissue salt acts to purify the blood and is suitable for helping skin disorders like acne.. It helps the body to detox and is used widely to help manage candida. Beneficial if wounds are slow to heal.

Ferr Phos (Iron)

Beneficial at the acute stages of fever and illness. Used to reduce inflammation. When taken after a minor injury, it may help the wound heal quickly. It also carries oxygen within the cells and may help reduce anemia due to blood loss — increases energy to the cells and lifts immunity.

Kali Mur

Aids in the reduction of mucus congestion during colds. and sinusitis. Beneficial for the lymphatic system. Especially useful for problems such as ulcerated sore throat, tonsillitis, and earache. Used in conjunction with Ferrum Phosphate.

Kali Phosphate

Supports the health of the central nervous system. It helps lessen mild depression, anxiety, irritability, and fatigue. It is also great for brain cognition and concentration. Great for young kids who are prone to temper tantrums.

Kali Sulphate

Carries oxygen in the cells. This tissue salt is excellent as a healer for mild fever. Used in conjunction with Ferr Phos. It can help with arthritic pain. Can help lift mucus from the body. Also great to lift immunity.

Magnesium  Phosphate

It is known for easing cramps and spasms. This helps with cellular processes – and brain function. Great for colic, menstruation cramps, coughing, toothache and pains in general. Beneficial in many cases of exhaustion due to emotional upset.

Nat Mur

It is used to balance out and dry up bodily fluids. Relieving through a constant runny nose. Can also help with digestion.

Nat Phosphate

This tissue salt helps a system that’s overly acidic, especially in the digestive system. It can help open the body to hydrate. It can relieve headaches. It can balance sugars in the bloodstream.

Nat Sulphate

This tissue salt helps the balance of water and bile. It supports the health of the pancreas, kidneys, liver, and intestines. Sodium Sulphate helps balance the amount of water in the tissues and if necessary, eliminates excess fluid. Great for oedema. Great if you are feeling vague, awakens attention span.


Silica cleanses the blood. It’s mildly detoxing. It heals and creates strength with muscle fibers

Silicon is also beneficial for health and strengthening of hair and nails.

Each mineral has its role to play within the body to stimulate cellular function

How do you take Tissue Salts?

You can take them orally. Sucked under the tongue like a lolly or they are quickly dissolved by water. You can put them into a water bottle and drink them throughout the day.

This is one of the reasons why I am such a strong advocate for tissue salt therapy. They’re cheap, effective and easy to administer – especially for kids.

I always feel health and healing practices should be easy to implement. Changing routines and everyday pressures can get in the way. Having something you can take that suits your lifestyle. Makes it easier to act upon consistently.

Consistency is key with many things. Tissue salts in particular. The more consistent you are, the better the results.

The body will change and heal accordingly. By continually taking and making the minerals available for your body. You’re setting yourself up for success.

How do I know what Tissue Salt minerals I need?

The best thing about tissue salts is that any deficiency shows on the face. The face cannot tell a lie. Facial diagnostics works well. I always follow up with a thorough questionnaire. To specifically target the minerals needed.

You can diagnose through symptoms alone. However, it’s also beneficial to get a thorough consultation.

Tissue Salts are very affordable. They are fabulous to have in the cupboard for a rainy day. For example, if feel you’re feeling fluey, you can them at the beginnings of a sore throat or feeling flat.

The combination of no 3 Ferr Phos (Iron) and no 4 Kali Chloride (2 of each) is taken alternatively every 15 mins for a couple of hours. This will help lift the body’s immunity. You’ll be able to shake off any lurgy. Side note – I have a full immunity kit for you here in my online store.


Facial Diagnostic Case Study

Below is a case study to show you facial diagnostic for Iron deficiency and Sodium Chloride. No 3 Ferr Phos and No 8 Sodium Chloride.

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Iron – Ferr Phos Needed
Iron is a necessary mineral responsible for the production of blood cells. It activates and gives energy to the body. It’s also essential to fight infection and needed to maintain strong immunity.

As you can see in the picture above, the facial indicators of an iron deficiency and in extreme cases anemia. You can notice pale looking skin and a slight discolouration that looks like a bruise on the inside of the eye.

Sodium Chloride Needed

Facial indicators of Sodium Chloride (salt) Deficiency – are red tinges on the skin, across the nose and within the crease of the nose. Bloating can be another indicator.

Salt is needed and healthy for us. Restricting salt intake can have an adverse effect on the body. It can reduce water distribution through the body and cause cramping.

Restless legs are a sodium chloride deficiency so – Salt is not bad. Cutting it out altogether is, limiting its intake like anything is beneficial.

Sodium Chloride is also needed to distribute other minerals around the body.

As you can see this is a very simple diagnostic. You can also see how and what I look for.

There are several tissue salt combinations that are incredibly effective.

You can check out my online store here. You can also email me at [email protected] if you’d like. You can also book in for a tissue salt facial diagnostic consultation.

Tissue salts are possibly the easiest and most effective supplements you can use to help maintain wellbeing. You can use them in your every day or just take them when you need them.

They are an accessible and inexpensive remedy. More importantly, they reside naturally in your body. All needed to maintain a proper balance and ensure normal cell function and good health.


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