Personalised Flower Essences



A Personalised Flower essence is a powerful elixir formulated specifically for you.

It will support and relieve whatever you’re having to manage. They’re very powerful. And a powerful way to move through deep personal pain to integrate a new perspective of peace and empowerment.

It also supports a new growth mindset, allowing for deep healing and personal transformation to occur.

You will be required to answer a series of questions in order for me to attune the correct and very specific essences for you. This will be emailed to you after purchase.

Your essence will be formulated and you’ll receive personalized information and further tools to support your process. This could be a series of meditations, energy exercises, and affirmations.

Taken orally or topically and even within a foot bath or bath you will be showered with the healing power of nature and the healing elixir of your personalized flower essence.


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