Focus Flower Essence 15ml



Focus Flower Essence can help to still the mind and enable you to focus, helping you become more productive and feel less scattered. It’s ideal for students who are struggling to settle for study, writers and creatives who need clear focus and distracted procrastinators who want to get stuff done.

In today’s busy world we’re bombarded with distractions that make it hard to focus, so if your mind is always wandering with a short attention span then this essence is ideal for you.

Take Focus Flower Essence 7 drops under the tongue when you need to sit and focus. If you are feeling continually scattered, then take Focus morning and night for added support.


Focus Flower Essence can help you to find clarity and stills the mind. It may help you to focus so you can stay on task. Focusing the mind and calming the body.

Focus helps the brain to stay cantered on one task. It creates focus so that the mind can stay present with the task at hand.

If you have a child who is studying this is the essence that can propel their productivity forward.

It allows calm focus and centers the mind so tasks can be completed.

When you struggle to focus and move forward on the things you know you need to do. This can cause added frustration and stress. Added stress adds to the scatteredness of the mind, and then the vicious cycle continues.

Focus Essence 7 drops morning and night and whenever needed through times of stress and pressure. Add doses can be included during study periods and exams.


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