Focus Flower Essence 15ml


Focus Flower Essence is the productivity essence. Helping to focus. Gain clarity and not feel so scattered in mind and body. It also helps you to get stuff done.

If you’re one of those people, who are easily distracted.
Someone who is always checking social media, procrastinating and taking way to long to complete a simple task. Or

You know you need to get a tonne of stuff done but can’t get it together?

Does your mind wander? Do you have a minimal attention span?
Do you vague out mid-sentence when you’re talking to someone?

Need to be focused and productive. This is the essence for you.



Focus Flower Essence helps you to find clarity and stillness within the mind. This helps to give you the focus you need to stay on task. It helps to focus the mind and calm the body.

If you’re one who has a constant chatty mind in addition to the Amano Essence, Focus helps the brain to stay centered one task. It creates focus so that the mind can stay present with the task at hand.

If you have a child who is studying this is the essence that can propel their productivity forward.

It allows calm focus and centers the mind so tasks can be completed.

It will also calm the body and help to let go of the to-do list.

When you struggle to focus and move forward on the things you know you need to do. This can cause added frustration and stress. Added stress adds to the scatteredness of the mind, and then the vicious cycle continues.

Focus Essence 7 drops morning and night and whenever needed through times of stress and pressure. Add doses can be included during study periods such as Atar.



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