Care Givers Flower Essence 15ml



The Care Givers Essence can relieve burnout, helping to rejuvenate, energise and fill your cup again. It’s ideal for big-hearted givers such as Mums, Healers, Nurses, Doctors, Support workers and Carer.


When you are giving without replenishing, you’re often left exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed, leading to emotional meltdowns and feeling unappreciated.


Take Care Givers Essence to nurture yourself, find emotional balance and regain your energy. 7 drops under the tongue morning and night or as required when you feel particularly exhausted.


The  Care Givers Flower Essence is an essence that help you to feel rejuvenated. It helps if you’re constantly giving, not taking any reprieve and now exhausted due to burn out.

  • This is for those that give and over give.
  • It’s for those that naturally advocate for others and forget about themselves
  • It’s for those with big hearts who feel taken advantage of at
  • It’s for those that struggle to assert boundaries
  • It’s for those that feel unappreciated.
  • It’s for those who give and struggle to give to themselves
  • It’s for those who feel depleted and need rejuvenating

Care Givers essence will give you the space to breath. It will help you to fill your cup. It will help you to discern where you need to place your time and energy.


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