Amano Flower Essence 30ml



Amano Essence helps you to clear and calm the mind, helping to silence the constant mind chatter of a busy brain.

Mind chatter can drain your energy, leaving you feeling tired, stressed and depleted. The mind goes on and on and on around and around in relentless circles and Amano can help to relieve this exhausting cycle.

Take Amano Remedy Drops directly under the tongue 7 drops morning and night for continuity in support, and as required during any times when the mind is stuck with repeating negative thoughts patterns, obsessive thinking or insomnia.


Now in a 30 ml Bottle

You can feel tired, stressed and a sense that somethings not quite right. The mind goes on and on and on around and around. It can be and feel relentless.

The Amano essence clears and silences the mind. There’s a sense of “no mind”.

Amano is Sanskrit (ancient language) for “No Mind”. Amano Flower Essence helps to calm a busy mind.

When the mind is busy with constant mind chatter, it can drain much needed energy. Sometimes the mind can hold onto negative thought patterning like a vice and not let go. 

This refers to the silent space behind your thinking. The space where you can connect and feel calm in the mind and soul. It can open your awareness and discern, giving you the mental space and rest from this active thinking.

Inspiration arises with this calm place, giving you the solutions, ideas, and guidance needed to move through life.

The body can completely rest and rejuvenate in this space. A sense of inner peace is experienced and it breaks the internal mental patterning

This obsessive thinking can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation and impact our relationships. When the mind is constantly full of thoughts, you cant function or rationalise. Your operating on a sense of “autopilot”. It can feel like torture.

Amano Essence frees the mind from constant mind chatter. Amano calms the mind and soothes the soul.


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