No. 7 Magnesium Phosphate



Magnesium Phosphate is a very popular mineral as it is the main mineral for harmonious body, and mind. It’s necessary for a range of things namely brain function, settling nervous tension and calcium absorption.

Very good in settling agitation or obsessive thinking.

Headache and migraine relief.

Hence this works very well in conjunction with No 2. Calcium Phosphate.


This is possibly one of the most important minerals for the body’s metabolic function. It’s the spirit of life tissue salt as it helps to bring oxygen to muscle and nerve fluid to the brain.

It’s necessary for the harmonious function of the brain.

Needed for the rebuilding our cells.

A deficiency of Magnesium Phosphate causes over stimulation in the body and affects the nerves. This also affects calcium phosphate absorption and therefore can affect digestion, mental cognition, muscle strength energy production.

Magnesium can lower cholesterol.

This is the go-to if you suffer from Hormonal Imbalances and Menopause.

You will gain an amazing night’s sleep if you take this as a “Hot 7” in combination with Calcium Phosphate.



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