Silverdale 4 Flower Pack



Have all the goodness stored in your self care tool kit. Having all four at the ready makes sure you have all your bases covered.

Can’t sleep grab the AMANO to settle your thoughts.

Kids can’t sleep AMANO will give them the chance to find that peaceful place.

The loss of a loved one, a teenage romance break-up, the loss of a pet – Grief Relief will soothe heart.

Feeling tired, over everything, school or work feeling all too much – Care Givers is the best essence to refill your cup and settle the mind.

Have important deadlines, exams, a time to focus and get things done – Focus flower essence is the one to grab.

Having all of our self care, soothing essences at the ready ensures you are supported through the challenging times. Be rest assured the Silverdale Flower Essence Range has your back.


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