Chiron | Cosmic Cycle of Personal Empowerment

Chiron | Cosmic Empowerment using Flower Essenes


Using Flower Essences for Transformation and Healing

As a Holistic Practitioner, I always seek ways to support my clients. To help them move and groove out old patterns or find ways they can connect to themselves.

This means accessing their inner wisdom to find clarity through confusion, especially if a change is being forced upon them.

At times like this, I’ve leaned on the wisdom and insight of Astrology. I’ve always had a fascination with Astrology. Ever since I can remember.

It’s helped me move through some super deep times. It was giving me an anchor to ground my energy and bring a greater sense of understanding. It also gave me hope where I felt there wasn’t any.


What is Astrology?


It is an ancient framework working in the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac. A cosmic clock of influence with House and placement. Each has an energetic impact. 

Depending on the place you were born, time and date. Together with different aspects and transits all make up your natal chart. Your blueprint of influence. It can show us our relation to ourselves and ways of healing. Life lessons and purpose are also highlighted and transformed throughout our life.

I love using the astrological framework because you can dive deep, looking at life from a higher perspective. Whilst honouring the everyday existence.

Like a flower essences reading, it can be incredibly accurate, giving us the guidance we need to move forward. To heal, what to understand and what we need to integrate before moving into our next steps.

I can sometimes feel that life can bring you hard lessons time and time and time again. To break the cycle, find an element of hope; you can find answers. Including the added depth of inspiration to heal the past, alchemise it and integrate it into a new way of being. 

My life path has been profound. Astrology helped me gain answers. They also gifted me understand of why things happened the way they did. 


Transits Of Life


Many times in our life can feel super restricted and hard. It brings profound inner lessons, forcing us to embrace and realise we can make different choices. Some carry the joys; some rip the carpet from under us. Both can create an identity shift when wholly stripped of what was so we can start a new. All bringing us to a deeper place within.

The Saturn Return at 29 is one such transit. Saturn comes home to roost to the place and degree in which you are born. 

It’s a 12-month cycle, where Saturn restricts our life. It holds us to account and forces us to take responsibility. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. This is part of the human maturing process, awakening us to a more profound sense of self. Many changes and pivot points of life can occur now.

Another such cycle. This time to deeply alchemise core wounding of the soul. This is the Chiron Return.


Free Yourself | Chiron Return


The time planet Chiron comes past to roost at the time and degree you were born.

The Chiron return comes around the age of 48 – 52. Except for this time, life changes in the way that influences your identity. 

It’s a significant shift that changes relationships. Deepens your inner resolve. You become less tolerant of the shit in your life and start owning your self-worth and value.


Menopause and Chiron Return


It is no coincidence for a cis woman that this cycle coincides with the process of menopause. 

A time when a woman moves from being able to create, as in being fertile, to bearing children. The idea of creation changes from birthing humans to birthing new ideas. Co-creation becomes a thing. 

Birthing a new identity, ideas, and dreams. Even a new life purpose can present if this is your jam. It has a way of bringing more meaning to your life.

This cycle of life can be empowering. A process that transpires slowly, indeed. It creeps on you like a strong vodka shot and then hits you with brute force. There’s so much moving and shaking. You can feel disorientated for a time. 

Or you can feel that life has deepened, and you find a natural flow. Where once there were blocks to everything and then finally green lights.

Menopause is a cycle that occurs for women around this time. If not, navigating hormonal changes is enough. It is time you can feel continually triggered. The sensitivity and emotional tolerance are seemingly compromised whilst this transit occurs. You move from a monthly bleed to no bleeding at all. There is a level of grief that can come with this too.

Knowing this cycle gives menopause a whole new meaning. 

Using this as a benchmark to catapult you into a new inner and outer reality.


Change of Life is Inevitable


As a man or identifying as a man, or whatever your gender orientation, race or creed, no one escapes this change in identity. Things long loved can fall by the wayside. 

Anxiety can present, and we may not know if we are coming or going. Our mindset may need continual resetting. It can be a very spiritual time and also a very destabilising one. 

During this transit, specific events or people will come into your life to fast-track this process. so you can begin to create a new foundation for your life. It can bring you in a new direction and help you understand why things happen as they do.

You can find out your Chiron sign here. 

An example of transiting Chiron is below.

Suppose you have the Chiron in Aries, in the 11th House. A deep inner wound feeling you are always there to cheer on others, and yet no one seems to be there to cheer you on. It may be challenging to hold a sense of identity within groups, or you may find it challenging to believe in who you are.

You may have issues with anger or channelling negative energy. Power and control could be issues.

Aries is the House of the individual. A possible inner conflict of who comes first – you or the other. It can also trigger self-worth and esteem issues.


Flower Essences and Chiron Return


I’ve found working with flower essences supports us in moving out of patterns of behaviour. Even negative mindsets help you as you transform and liberate yourself from old ways of being. 

This is the empowerment process of the Chiron Return.

They can genuinely support and calm the mind. If you are a human on the planet, there is a voice in your head designed to undermine you constantly. 

When the unconscious becomes conscious, these awakening moments bring us to a greater sense of self. You may find the mind is overly busy. Old trauma is looking to be released, and flower essences can support this process. 

Calming and reassuring of the process. Bringing awareness to old patterns, giving meaning to the past. You can find a greater sense of inner resolve. 

The whole process is to clear out the old to embody something more significant so the wounds of the past don’t repeat. Whilst moving into a new identity and finding a new way to honour the self. And, of course, healing is ripe by taking ownership of them. This phase is a walk in the unknown.


Flower Essence Recommendations


I’ve been working with Flower Essences for over a decade, and these essences are my go-to’s, tried and true.  

The best Flower Essences to support:


  • Hybrid Pink Fairy – this helps to calm and not allow the external environment to trigger. Great if you are overly empathic and introverted. It helps you to remain calm no matter where you find yourself.
  • Amano Blend – this is my magical blend – helps to calm an overly busy mind. If you find your mind is full of mind chatter, this is perfect for relaxing you and your head.
  • Green Goddess Grass Tree– a reminder to nurture and nourish. When we move into high levels of stress, we forget to 
  • Waratah – this essence helps to lift you up and out of any funk. – It is brilliant if you find you are in a dark place and need a lift. It shifts the mind very quickly.
  • Yarrow: Lightens a heavy energy body; if you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, this is the best for this.


Suppose you feel hypersensitive, confused, lost, or even the opposite.

The Chiron Return can show you how much inner work you have already achieved. An opportunity to move forward with a greater sense of freedom and not compromise the things you hold dear. 

When moving through a life transition/ and or transformational phase within life (like menopause).

Knowledge of these cycles gives us more significant meaning. And an opportunity for resolution where you need it. Letting go of the mud and moving forward unheeded and with a greater sense of harmony.

Going deeper, an opportunity to understand core inner wounding, bringing breakthroughs and deep inner healing.

This is the ultimate reason for this transit. It is meant to.

Change inward and outward is inevitable. This cycle forces you to face issues long overdue, either way. You start to own and act on your wisdom.

As a Holistic Practitioner, I see many people who wish to find relief from pain. I create personalised flower essences, created specifically for them.

You may be playing out old past scenarios or wanting to liberate yourself from situations or people you no longer have energy for. This is creating long term gain for long term change.

Flower Essence therapy supports you in the process. It will help you lift your mind, energy, to move past burdens, and the inner strength of your wisdom. So you can feel buoyant and not feel like you are losing yourself or your mind. 

The world is asking more from us.

This is not the time to do the same old thing in the same old way. Many of us are invited to take a leap of faith and embrace the old to create the new. Right now, it is up to you how this looks. 


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