Magnesium: The Essential Element of Life

Magnesium Phosphate is one of the 12* essential nutrients needed by our bodies to maintain harmony, a strong constitution and well-being. 

Check out this comprehensive guide to gain all the juicy details about Magnesium essential mineral and tissue salt goodness

10 Reasons Why Magnesium Is So Good For You

If you suffer from
  • Cramping 
  • Nervous tension
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular tightness
  • Digestive issues
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Lacking energy 
  • Trouble with digestion
  • A weak immunity
  • Stress. If you have a very stressful job or under particular large forms of stress.

If you’re affected by anxiety Magnesium settles the mind and body taking the edge off nervous, and agitated feelings. These feelings are usually hard to ignore and/or control. In combination with Kali Phosphate, (another very important essential mineral). together they make a wonderful natural calming elixir.

If you have high cholesterol – Magnesium can significantly reduce this.

Our cellular processes rely on Magnesium to create our physical energy stores and in assimilating minerals into our blood stream.


If you are racked with pain from constant cramping in your legs, lower back or even arms. Or have a constant joint or muscular ache, this is a sign of Magnesium deficiency.

This is different to Restless Legs Syndrome (which is an iron and sodium deficiency). Cramping is rectified by adding Magnesium to your daily regime. Please check out the Facial Diagnostics chart below for more information. 

Magnesium is a needed for muscle relaxation. Without it our muscles would be in a constant state of spasm and contraction. 

Nervous Tension, Stress and Insomnia

Magnesium relaxes the central nervous system. When under stress, the sympathetic nervous system’s role is to stimulate the body into activating the fight-or-flight response. This is a heightened state of awareness. Many live in this state continuously. There is no need to do this. Being at a heightened state of awareness is extremely draining and places a lot of unnecessary pressure on your body and on your emotional and mental well-being.
It also lifts the production of Serotonin, the body’s happy hormone, which brightening your mood and cognitive function, thus relaxing the central nervous system.
Digestion, Hormonal Imbalance:
Magnesium activates over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. This translates thousands of biochemical reactions, including the production, absorption and distribution of hormones. All of which occur on a regular daily basis. Lower gastric acid levels and inflammation in the gut may be a factor in reduced mineral stores. Magnesium assists in the production of the hormone and digestive function which is vital for a balanced mind and body
Lacking Energy
If you suffer from lethargy or tired or all the time. Magnesium is responsible for converting fuel (food and minerals) into energy. A reduction in Magnesium will reduce the vital cellular process required that creates energy for the body, thus explaining feelings of lethargy. Increase valuable magnesium tissue salts into the physical system and before too long you’ll notice an increase in energy levels.
Create a strong immune system.
Magnesium increases the effectiveness and constitution of the immune system. Antibodies are created to protect themselves from attacks (microbes, bacteria, viruses). Without Magnesium this process would be compromised.

What is Magnesium?

How much do I need? How do I take it?

Magnesium is an essential element that plays an important role in nature.

As already mentioned Magnesium is crucial to nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, energy production, nutrient metabolism, bone and cell formation.

It’s also found in the following foods: Beans, nuts, brown rice, whole wheat bread, and green leafy vegetables. 

It is creates the green compound – chlorophyll found within our plants.

Recommended dosage

  • In women, the recommend dose is 300mg per day. In men it’s 350mg per day. In young boys (14 years and over) it’s 400mg   Young girls 350mg
  • Pregnant women need 400mg
  • People who are in a constant state of stress 450-500mg per day.
It’s recommended when using tissue salts, that you take at least 5 mineral salts per day. Being micro doses they’re smaller than a blood cell. It’s because of this, tissue salts are so effective. They are absorbed through the mouth rather than via the gut. After absorption they are immediately available to maintain the body and its important cellular processes.
They can be taken in water or you can suck them under the tongue. They are also very cost effective. 
Hot Tip:
Limit drinking high carbonated drinks. Eating highly processed and sugary foods, caffeine, pain killers or other pharmaceutical drugs due to pain. Alcohol is another thing that can demolish the body’s magnesium stores
Did you know?

Digestive acids such as phytic and oxalic acid effect the absorption of Magnesium. These enzymes are usually found in green leafy veggies.

Juicing, particularly green juices, can be detrimental to certain body constitutions, usually those that have digestive issues. It raises the level of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid reduces the body’s way to digest and absorb the sustenance it needs, effecting the absorption of natural essential minerals – Magnesium is one of them.

Juicing is best avoided until you see another complimentary health specialist such as a Naturopath to determine what is best suited to your constitution. 

As a Biochemic Therapist/Tissue Salt Therapist I totally believe that essential mineral/tissue salts can and do rectify a myriad of issues. In some cases, after a short period of time, if the tissue salts are not making progress it’s always wise to investigate deeper.

Try Facial diagnosis

Facial Diagnosis is a wonderful way to get an indication of mineral salts are needed by the body. This picture shows clearly a very predominant deficiency of  Magnesium. 
The biggest indicator is the red type rouge found on the forehead, chin, nose and cheeks.
If you’d like to book in for an online or in clinic session to find out your tissue salt/mineral needs. Please click this link. This consultation is very thorough. We go through a very extensive questionnaire which pin points exactly which essential minerals are required. Each report is individually designed and your specific needs are targeted to gain  the best long term results.
If you’d like to give our Magnesium tissue salts a try you can buy them here at my online shop. 
 * These are the 12 essential tissue salt (essential minerals). Calcium Fluoride, Calcium Phosphate, Ferr Phos, Kali Chloride, Kali Phosphate, Kali Sulphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Sulphate, Sodium Phosphate, Silica, and Calcium Sulphate. 
Read about the latest research on Oxalic acid

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