The Magic Mineral: Magnesium 

From the moment I opened my clinic, I noticed a pattern occurring with some of my clients.

Many would cramp up as soon as they hopped on my table. I decided to do some research, and I found that this was  a sign of magnesium deficiency. Further research led me to the best type of a magnesium which came in the form of a tissue salt.

The human body needs only 500 milligrams (mg) Magnesium for healthy body function. We receive only a small proportion of it through our food by juicing leafy greens, eating nuts. chocolate, and beans which all contain magnesium.

The tissue salts are best because they are tiny tiny tiny. Our blood cells will absorb it immediately. This happens, because blood cells will only absorb minerals that are small than it. This is why they are so effective and they are so ah-mazing.

Other than preventing cramps here are 4 simple benefits of taking magnesium.

1. Balanced hormones

Magnesium helps in the production of creating hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. It can reduce hot flushes by 50% for women who are transitioning through menopause.

It can settle and improve mood swings. Prior, during and after menstruation and even lesson cramping. Magnesium’s a natural muscle relaxant.

2. Deeper, lovelier rocking SLEEP

It gets the sleep receptors in your brain to chillax. It regulates Cortisol, the stress hormone. If you suffer from insomnia. Magnesium is the go to. Melatonin is the big sleep hormone and we can enhance its production by taking magnesium. Reduce the exposure to mobile phones, tablets and screens at least an hour before bed will also help.

3. Magnesium lowers blood sugar

Magnesium with control insulin production which results in less sugar cravings. This is fab for kids who insist on sugary treats. This also makes it wonderful for weight loss. Great for diabetics or type 2 diabetes. Those that suffer from constipation or gut issues be rest assured this stuff keeps that at bay.

4. More Energy

Magnesium fuels cellular energy. Within ours cell there is an tiny energy cell called the mitochondria. The little energizer cell within our cells, magnesium is creating energy here. If your cells are getting the nutrients they need, then you’re able to feel so
much more alive and active.

Feeling energized will give you the time back to live and do what you want

Magnesium is such a simple natural mineral that does so much and is easily assimilated by the body. A serious no brainer.

TellTale Signs That Are Seen All Over Your Face

Telltale signs of mineral deficiency can be seen all over the face. If you have rosy cheeks, chin and forehead then this is one of the signs of Magnesium deficiency.

Cramping, constipation, lethargy, hormonal imbalance, stress, chronic pain, and thyroid issues are other indicators.

Tissue consultations are thorough. Using facial diagnosis, and personal information, I can determine which minerals you need.

If you wish to book a tissue salt consultation, you can contact me here. Consultations are delivered either via skype or in my clinic. All details are on my website

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