The Magic Of Flower Essence Therapy

Boab FLowers Flower Essences Tracy OMeara Smith

Nature can uplift, cleanse, rejuvenate, heal and transform any space. Flower Essence therapy has become a widely accepted energy and natural healing modality. It works and is very effective. Especially for those that are feeling emotionally raw and/or sensitive.

Flower Essences encapsulate the healing energy and wisdom of a flower. Each flower has a healing vibration. If you’re attracted to a particular flower, it’s because on a deep subconscious level it’s calling to you. It can help you move through any issue you’re currently dealing with.


A Traditional Healer: Flower Essence Healing


Flower Essence healing is not new.

The Australian Aborigines used flower essences to heal themselves, their tribe and the earth for 50 thousand years ago. It’s said babies were born into earth pits filled with Boab flowers.

The Boab essence is one that clears negative emotional and mental family patterning. Passed from generation to generation. Boab can access and clear those core patterns and all the related ensuing beliefs. The Aborigine’s knew how energy patterns work. They understood that looking after the next generation was part of their cultural heritage and their reason for being.

The Waratah is one of the highest vibrations and has a strong spiritual significance to the Aborigines. It was offered to Captain Cook through the ceremony when he first landed on these shores. It has the healing capacity to help you lift you out of any funk. Waratah will pick you up and shift very quickly. It’s a potent essence.

Within my clinic, I use predominately  Australian and West Australian bush flowers. Said to be one of the most psychically clear essences on our planet. These essences are very accurate and honest and pack a punch to help you move you through challenging times.

Australia is in one of the oldest countries on earth. Australian essences are powerful and very effective. The essence of each wildflower targets a specific emotional, mental, physical or state

Flower Essences were also used through the Egyptian times and through the times of Pagan ritual. You may have heard of Bach Flower remedies created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. These are used in much the same way.


What Are Flower Essences?


Flowers from a plant are infused into water, and then this encapsulates and preserved and preserved either in brandy or vinegar. Every flower has its unique healing quality. The energy imprint is what carries healing energy.

Flower essences are non-evasive.

They empower positive change and insight on a profound level. They bring about an inner awareness that changes perspective, making sub-conscious fears conscious.


Positive change | The benefits :

  • Feeling calm,
  • Improved and deeper sleep
  • Less mind chatter
  • Deep healing
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem,
  • A greater inner connection,
  • Greater awareness,
  • Improved focus and cognition.
  • Relief from heartbreak, loss, and grief
  • Release old traumas


Flower Essences can influence our behaviour. When a new perspective presents, we’re able to adjust accordingly. Things that triggered us prior do not any longer. This is transformation at its best. It is also healing in play.

To live the life you want sometimes releasing old traumas and ancestral patterning is necessary.

They bring about much-needed peace. When things are allowed to come to the surface and made conscious – true healing occurs. You move from one energy space into another. When you do this, you attract what you need and want as it is at the same energy space as you-you are aligned with what you want to create.

When you use a flower essence, you activate a very deep part of yourself. Deep wisdom and awareness can be accessed.


How do they work?


Research data evidence shows the interrelationship between physical illness, stress and emotional well-being. While flower essences don’t address specific physical ailments. Such as heart disease or cancer. They work on an energetic level to address and release unwanted mental and behavioural patterns. Patterns that can cause illness and disease to manifest.

All plants have a unique vibrational energy pattern. They may work immediately, over a couple of days or even over weeks or months depending on the issues are dealing with.

They are very safe and can be used by children as young as 6 months

In some cases, if you need to clear deep emotional traumas, you may feel worse before you get better. This can be a short destabilizing effect and as certain negative emotions come to the surface to be released. There are flower essences that can help with this part of your process. As can other healing modalities such as Bowen, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Acupuncture. This helps to integrate the new energy patterns within the body.


How are the Flower Essences Used?


You can use Flower Essences topically or orally. Most commonly you place a few drops under the tongue. You do this morning and night, depending on what’s needed and the advice of your practitioner. You can also add to your water bottle and sip throughout the day.

Healing Facilitating sessions such as: 

Pain and Stress Treatments:  Pulsing acupressure and meridian points, including a warm foot bath infused with flower essences. I combine these with my Bowen Therapy sessions. I find that they help to open the body to healing. Especially helpful for those that are feeling emotionally sensitive and managing a lot in their life.

Baihui Treatment – This is a very comprehensive self-diagnosing healing session. Once essences are chosen. A thorough consultation process where specific flower essences are chosen. These are then placed on certain parts of the body. This is a very deep process. Old thought patterning and trauma can be shifted, healed and a new awareness put in its place.

You can put them in home care products, food, massage oils, sprays or mists to clear negative energy and increase positive energy.


How Can I Start using Flower Essence Healing?


You can take them morning and night, depending on what’s needed and the advice of your practitioner. You can add to your water bottle and sip throughout the day. You can find out more about which ones to use and what’s available here.

I have created several wonderful essences on the market. You can purchase some here and here if you wish. Having a Flower Essence Therapy Treatment is a self-diagnosing and very empowering.

The most impressive thing about flower essences is that they can heal on all levels.

They are incredibly empowering. They help you find your way to wholeness and harmony. By doing this, you’re able to live your life uninhibited from old wounds and misguided beliefs. Living the life you were meant to live.



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