What is a Baihui Session?

Flower Essence Therapy, Baihui Session

My love for flower essences started over 10 years ago. And through my training I experienced the power of the flowers, experiencing the elevation and insight the energy and frequency the flowers energy.  This opened my eyes to so many possibilities of healing, insight and personal connection.

This is an incredibly empowering session that can change your life forever. The true force of flower essence healing is felt through this treatment – your thoughts, fears and emotions will transform under the guise of pure flower energy.

The best way to describe this is to give you a step by step account so you get the full picture of what it entails.


Thinking | Thoughts | Feelings | Emotions


We all have phases in our lives where you’re plagued by constant thoughts that continuously move around and around and around in your head.

The same continuous loop. or you have the same trigger that keeps coming up over and over and over again. or you have these feelings around certain people or situations that you just cant shift.

This can be stuck feelings, thoughts from what I understand are a symptom generating from a belief, an event or perspective that has kept you in some sort of personal purgatory.

A Baihui session can help you move through these feelings/and or thoughts. It can give you clarity, understanding (of yourself and another), it can awaken new healing pathways and open doors to life that seemed well and truly closed. Insight and relief are two of the biggest benefits.

This session is self diagnosing so all in all the power is in your hands to create the breakthrough you seek.


What’s Involved In A Baihui Session?


We start by tuning into the feeling and thought that continuously arises. From here we take the flower affinity cards and place them one by one in front of you. Each one you react to is placed aside until we have no more than 10.

You then lie on the massage table. concentrating on your issue and each essence is strategically placed. There is a very specific protocol that helps to facilitate the energetic movement of the flower’s energy  through the body. Each are placed at the top of the head.

From here we wait until the mind cannot hold onto the thought form in question. The mind will eventually let go. Giving you the insight and freedom you seek. From this, a specific flower essence tincture is created especially for you. This facilitates healing further.

A thorough interpretation of the flowers chosen is offer. From this a program is created to make sure the inner shifts that occur through this session are integrated and assimilated  I usually recommend a Bowen session as this can help to connect the body and mind and also give the body the opportunity to detox on a cellular level. Allowing the new energy to land within the body.


The Healing Energy and Vibration of Flowers


The energetic vibration of the flower essences lifts the frequency of the body. Because this session is vibrational by nature, it is also very accurate. The flowers picked from the resonance of your thoughts and the energetic imprints that you carry.

When the flower essence is placed at the top of the head. The energy of the flower has access to every meridian line in your body. Accessing the energetic centres and thus lifting out old beliefs or stored memory out to be witnessed and processed.

To facilitate the healing further a flower essence is then created from the flowers that were placed on the head.


The Benefits


This is a very unique session that can give freedom from pain, anger and sadness.

The vibration of the flowers this is a very accurate vibrational healing. 

The flowers will bring insight and understanding. Either changing the way you think about something or clearing the feeling and thought from you mind entirely. The internal shifts can be very profound.

Many clients find they have assimilated a new healing pathway and healing vibration almost immediately. From this they’re able to move forward and work towards manifesting what they want. Many find that a new perspective on offer refreshing and in most cases not what they had ever envisaged. All walk away empowered and with insight.

I use Western Australian Bush flower Essences for this session. Australia native flowers are said to be one of the most psychically clear in the world. this does not surprise me. The force of nature is your tool and your friend.

If you’d like to know more or even book in for a session if you’re in Perth – You can click the link here to book.

A Baihui session is incredibly special and unique. You walk away with your very own flower essence tincture an inner depth you may not have experienced before, insight and healing that can only come from within. This session may have been the only way to access it.

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