The Perils of Mind Chatter and Worry: Navigating Ways To A Calm The Mind

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“Understanding the essence of one’s true self, the calm beneath the mental turbulence, and the love and joy hidden within pain, brings freedom, salvation, and enlightenment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle In the age of information overload and constant stimulation, our minds are often buzzing with a constant stream of thoughts that any feelings of freedom, salvation […]

Blooming Sensitivity: Nurturing Your Empathic Gifts with Flower Essences

Empathy is a beautiful and profound human trait that allows us to connect with others on a deep emotional level.  Do you feel emotionally drained after spending time with certain people? Do you experience inexplicable heavy emotions? Do you tend to please others and take on their pain? Being an empath and sensitive can be […]

Ease Anxiety With Bowen Therapy

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. Life is filled with stressors can affect our mental and physical well-being. Stress is normal and healthy. Yet, if we’ve been exposed to constant stress, loss and unresolved trauma it can manifest in many ways – anxiety being one way. Anxiety, is a common and often debilitating condition, affecting many of us, even millions […]

The Power of Affirmations and Mantra

The Power Of Mantra And Affirmations

The Power of Affirmation and Mantra Our mental well-being can sometimes take a toll in a world of constant challenges and stresses. We can use powerful tools to combat inner negativity, enhance our lives and access our inner depth to bring about healing and personal empowerment.   Affirmations and mantras are something I have used regularly […]

Blooming Bliss | The Magic of Mindful Colouring

Mindful colouring, once thought of as a children’s activity, has gained popularity due to its positive impact on mental and emotional well-being. This practice has been associated with mindfulness, helping many of us to cope with trauma, gain deeper self-awareness, and achieve a sense of empowerment and control over their feelings and lives.  There have […]

How Do Flower Essences Heal?

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How Do Flower Essences Heal? . As you’re aware, Flower Essences are vibrational elixirs using the energetic healing imprints of flowers.  We can use these as catalysts to create emotional change and stimulate personal awareness. They support your soul journey and deepen your resolve to live and work in this way. .Flower Essences are vibrational […]

What is EFT Tapping?

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EFT Tapping is a holistic empowerment tool using tapping movements in a specific sequence to bring calm to the body and mind and to let go of negative or obsessive mind states.

This article describes what EFT is and how to use it.

What is the Human Energy System?

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What is the Human Energy System? Millions of years ago ancient yogis, who are practitioners of yoga, an ancient form of body movements and postures, designed to bring the body into complete harmony with the self, a divine source, and the earth. This philosophy is rooted in the discovery of the human energy system. Comprising […]