How Do Flower Essences Heal?

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As you’re aware, Flower Essences are vibrational elixirs using the energetic healing imprints of flowers. 

We can use these as catalysts to create emotional change and stimulate personal awareness. 


How do/will I know if the flower essences are working?

Many people have general and discernible differences when using flower essences that improve their general wellbeing, alleviate anxiety and bring about a sense of freedom and liberation from old mindsets and emotional patterns that hold us back and prevent us from moving forward.

You may feel clearer and better able to cope with things to watch for. You may sense an overall feeling of relaxation and support. Feeling held when walking through profound inner change can also be felt.

You may also have old events or people from your past come into your awareness, and naturally, you replay them in your mind for closure or understanding of how specific dynamics play out. You will know what you need in these moments. 

Emotional responses are normal and sometimes necessary to clear and integrate what arises. These may occur naturally. Follow any feelings that arise and allow the process to unfold. Always reach out if you need to.

It is incredibly beneficial to use tools that can gift you a sense of objectively observing your emotional and mental states.

You may wish to keep a journal to track your feelings, thoughts, insights, emotions and any issues you are directly addressing, helping you to connect to the self and your process.

Flower Essences work on a very subtle level. Often it is the comments of others close to us that first alert us to changes. It is also beneficial to record your dreams and other inner events.

Becoming aware of any changes may take some practice.

Physical ailments are easier to track, and we naturally know when we feel better. This can be an indicator that the essences are working. However, flower essences are intentionally used to support emotional and energetic blocks – these are more subtle to notice

When we’re moving through deep core issues that may be emotional or on a soul level, it takes an active and intentional process to notice where our emotions and thoughts consciously are. Through reflection, we can see these changes. It also gives an anchor to the method you are experiencing.

It is beneficial to reflect and be an active participant to notice these changes – through journaling, meditation and taking time out for the self.


Flower Essences – A Way to Support Your Healing Process


As this may be a new process, you may not initially notice anything. It does take some time to change old energetic imprints and behaviours. 

Flower Essences work through the principle of resonance. They’re most effective when they match your core mental or emotional challenges. 

This is why feedback is so important, so you can target the specific feelings and issues you are shifting.

Feedback makes this a two-way process between you and the flowers. You may notice subtle shifts when you can slow down to connect in this way. Being active participants in the process will prove beneficial.

Flower Essence work on a profound level. If the intention is to move fleeting feelings, they may not feel supported – it may take some time to get to the core issue or issues – patience and consistency are key.

Over time, flower essences will help you feel alive and in touch with your goals, values and creativity; it’s important to note that Flower Essences do not create any sense of euphoria nor banish pain and conflict.  

They work by stimulating awareness of our conflicts and challenges and strengthen our ability to work through the obstacles to our health and growth.

Taking flower essences is gentle, and use their energetic healing imprint to shift your energy – working on the subtle energy bodies of the energy system. 

Hence as I mentioned previous, they take time.

They may stimulate some discomfort and pain or conflict. This is a normal part of the journey towards wellness. 

They do this to bring awareness to old patterns so you can take responsibility and empower yourself to complete a state of healing instead of repeating old patterns of pain in the body, mind, and soul.

The most important thing to understand is you’re stepping toward a greater understanding. 

Flower Essences can deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you.


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