It’s the holiday season again. A time many dread. It can be tough. Reigniting old feelings of loss and grief. Or even magnify recent losses. It’s very challenging to navigate. Loss and death are not subjects that we necessarily openly talk about. 

Grief is a powerful emotion — one that can’t be controlled. It creates an extreme physiological response. The stress hormone cortisol increases which can put the body on high alert.

Grief can embed itself within our body creating a memory pattern. A pattern that waits to be triggered. A smell, a tune on the radio, a fleeting comment. The spare seat at the table can trigger feelings of grief, sadness, and loss. Reminders of what was. These triggers also remind us of healing that’s already occurred and the healing that needs to come.

The Thing About Grief

The thing about grief is it’s very different from any other emotion. It comes in waves. You can be wrapped in a sea of love and memory one minute and then bang. Reality and loss. That can come in thick and fast. It can feel unrelenting as it can’t be controlled. It can be hard on the heart. Buring itself into the cells of our body. This is why when hearing of other people dying or stories of tragedy it can elicit an immediate response. Triggering a memory and taking us back to where our memory of grief first originated. This is a form of empathy at it’s best. It takes us straight to the heart of things. It takes us to the places that are important to us.
Grief is the kind of pain that can be too much to bare. Some will bury it or put it aside, seemingly too painful to face. Left unchecked it sits dormant. Until it doesn’t. It will always be bubbling in the background. 
We don’t necessarily let go of this pain. We are changed by it and learn to live with these “scars” of love embedded forever in our being. It’s what makes us human. This is the natural evolution of life.

The Initial Stages of Grief

The shock of grief can cause brain fog, communication issues, lack of focus, insomnia. Pain that filters through the entire body. This can include chest pain, forgetfulness, and lack of attention. You may experience headaches, lethargy, and sorrow that is deep. A big change has occurred and many want things to be the way they were before the loss. This too is normal.
The initial symptoms of grief can be felt for up to 12 to 18 months after a profound loss. This is not just through death. It can also come through the loss of a relationship, a job, an identity or a much-loved pet.

How Flower Essences Can Help

As a Holistic Therapist, I help people move from feelings of crisis and grief into feeling a sense of wholeness again. Through this process, I use flower essences. I also combine body and energy work to help the body and mind relax. It’s from here clients can find a place they can regroup, find space amongst the grief.  
Connecting with this inner space helps to rejuvenate and bring clarity to the experience. It’s like the layers of an onion until certain truths start to reveal themselves. Allowing them to safely connect to their experience and start processing things in their way and in their own time.
Flower essences help to lift the pain off the heart. They bypass the mind and use their healing vibration to help heal and find a sense of peace. Pulsed on the body or taken orally they are beneficial in moving negative emotion and bringing the body to a place of calm and release.

Grief Relief Flower Essence | The Benefits

My combination essence Grief Relief help to soothe the heart and calm the soul.
It’s very powerful in soothing the heart space. Relieving feelings of shock, calming the body and freeing the mind space from constant thinking.
It reduces the stress response. Helping to focus and allows for grief to be processed within the moment.
Dealing with pain as it arises is the best way for anyone in managing big feelings of loss.
Denial does play a part in the healing process. It’s the body’s way to protect itself. This stage does not last very long. If left unchecked though it can prevent the letting go process which is a big part of healing. 
There are many other stages through the grieving process. Anger, disbelief, and sadness. All are felt at different times and in different levels of intensity. 
At times intense rage can come when you least expect it, like screaming at the kids for no reason. Forgetting important dates and meetings. Not wanting to socialize or have the inclination to eat or drink. This is all normal. It’s all part of the cycle of grief.
Grief, Flower Essences, Silverdale Holistic Therapy My Grief Relief essence can help with this. Finding peace, at a time when you’re not sure what that feels like anymore. You can purchase a bottle of Grief Relief here  
This is a healthy tool, and one of many I’m certain that can help while walking toward a feeling of wholeness again.

Grief Is Not A Dirty Word 

Death of life, a way of being, a career, a loved one are all part of living. Grief runs and weaves its way in our lives.
Loss is part of loving and loving is part of loss. When someone dies, we feel the depth of how much we loved. We feel this through the pain and the sorrow. The greater the pain. The greater the love.
To grief naturally and healthily gives the opportunity to integrate what’s necessary and let go of what’s not. It can become starkly obvious what works and what doesn’t. This too can be confronting. Go slow and take the time you need. 
Over time this can take you into the next phase of life without the clouded feelings of grief. Through the integration of grief a type of surrendering and acceptance needs to occur. This can be challenging and happens when ready. There’s no time frame. It’s an individual and unique path.
The flower essence, Grief Relief, will help with navigating the big feelings and make a challenging journey a little more bearable. Especially through this holiday season. 
If you find you’re or someone you know is struggling please reach out to a friend, family or loved one. There is support through Crisis Care or Lifeline. This is the number to call. 13 11 14 – Here are further details
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Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Therapist. From a young child, you’d find Tracy making daisy chains in the far corner of her garden. If she’s not in her clinic, you’ll still see her spending time in her garden soaking up all the flowery vibes. A strong advocate for the healing force of nature.
Tracy uses the combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, Flower Essence and Emotional Freedom Techniques. These modalities are a powerful combination that relaxes the body, calm the mind and soothe the soul.
Empowering women to reclaim their inner peace, relief and gain a new perspective with what they have to manageTracy works 1:1 with women within her Perth hills clinic, Silverdale Natural Therapy and also Offering remote energy healings. Treating women who suffer from chronic pain, remedial health issues and find themselves at a time of crisis are her specialty.
Tracy also offers online tissue salt and flower essence programs that treat various issues from Immunity to AnxietyThrough her complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman and a better place. Juggling two beautiful of daughters of her own, she celebrates being unapologetically human and encourages others to the same.
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