The Unexpected Power of Gratitude

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram (in 2019) – I completed a 365-day Gratitude Journal. It’s been a few days since I wrote the sentence above. It’s come to an end. Making me a little nostalgic.
However, my daily practice of Gratitude will continue always. I’m looking forward to continuing this on Sundays as #gratitudesundays. I couldn’t let it go completely. Read on and you’ll find out why.

Gratitude now for me is easier to access and understand – it weaved its way into my life and truth be told it also gave me a structure to work from which is not what I was expecting. Gratitude I guess is a practice, a ritual, and a way of grounding ourselves into the present.
I learned so much from this process. It’s changed the way I see and engage in the world. There’s so much to be grateful for. All you need do is to stop and look.
The practice of gratitude  – a 365 day online Instagram journal, was a dare proposed on a favourite podcast I listened to. Lady Boss Chats. I jumped in. After the first month, it became a real “thing” I had to do and complete. It helped improve my consistency in my training, marketing, and my social media.
In terms of Instagram, I had no idea. None. Instagram was unfamiliar terrain.
Marketing too on this level was unfamiliar terrain.
Being a Holistic Therapist, my gifts are in my clinic. I soon learned what I loved and what I love to engage in. It fast became so much more.

My Top 3 Lessons – 365-day Gratitude Journal

Here are my top three takeaways from My 365 Gratitude Journal. I had to celebrate it in some way. What revealed was more than I could’ve ever expected.

 1. Humility

Feeling and being humble.  Over time it became clear that this diary wasn’t about me. It was about all the things I thought I valued. It soon became about others. Especially the relationships I have in my life.
It was about other peoples dreams. What they loved. I became inspired every day by how they expressed and showed up for themselves. Family too became a grounding force.
It became about the people that commented on each post. Those who connected with the things that I loved. It was them that made this so special. The deeper I went the more profound I felt this. Something I never thought would reveal itself.
Humility is an exceptional quality to have. Grateful.

2. There’s so Much to be Grateful for

So much. There were days I had too much to include. There was so much I left out. From strangers sharing their wisdom. 
To the little ants that would eat the crumbs dropped from my lunch. Who knew. It helped me to slow down and see. To take note. The sun, shining through my window. A funny text from a friend. So special.

3. Gratitude in the simple things.

I found that I felt a sense of appreciation for the simple things in my life — a cup of tea. A drive through trees. A kiss from my daughters and a big bear hug from hubs. Love for the flowers (of course) and the simple opportunity for the work that I do.

What I took for granted. I don’t now. It helped me clarify what I value. 


What My Journal Practice Taught Me

What my journal also taught me is social media is a wonderful platform to connect, express what we do and who and what we are. Yet true connection comes from one on one relationships. Especially the one we have with the self.
This is what we all want and need. Connection. Social media is not meant to be an escape or a means to shut down. It shows you what connects you to you. To what you find interesting and then translated, hopefully into your life. Things like gratitude.
When you find yourself continuously scrolling or reaching for your phone. Catch yourself. 
Ask what am I needing to connect to here? What am I looking for? What do you want? 
If you’re not sure, try a gratitude journal. It’ll change you. For the better.
One of the best quotes on gratitude I came across –  “A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”
Miracles come in the smallest of ways. They hide in the synchronistic things in life. So many presented in this journal. From friends turning up at events on the same day I posted them.
The people inspired by me and me them. So much guiding information always came my way. It opened my heart and the opportunity to a deeper connection in so many ways. 
It now represent an inner connection. A gratitude practice that made all the difference. An energy I was able to cultivate and strengthen. I’m so grateful I was able to share it with so many.  #emflowerment
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