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Summer time – especially in Australia can be known as OEDEMA (or Edema) Season when feet, ankles and hands can swell due to excess fluid retention.

It’s really really uncomfortable and joints can feel really tight and sore. It is common for pregnant women to suffer from Oedema. Its also affectionately known as CANKLES.

Through the heat of summer Oedema effects a lot of people and can be treated successfully through natural means. (If it does persist please get it checked out by a GP as it can  be a precursor to high blood pressure, and kidney disease.)

Here are my 5 top tips in treating Oedema naturally

1. Bowen Therapy – Bowen is an excellent form of bodywork that stimulates the lymphatic system, amongst other things and moves all the excess fluid out of the body.  You can check it out here.

2. Dandelion or Parsley Tea – These are fabulous herbal teas that rid the body of excess fluid. A pot a day should do the trick. You can get Dandelion tea at your local supermarket or health food shop.  Grab a fresh bunch of parley and put it in a tea pot and let it steep for a few minutes – in no time you have a lovely pot of fresh Parsley tea.

3. Make sure you salt intake is at 2100mg per day – Excess salt causes water retention.

4. Have only tepid baths – In the heat of summer especially – by having a cool bath, this helps with swelling.  If you don’t have a bath – A tepid shower is still beneficial.

5. Apple cider vinegar poultice – This is brilliant when treating Oedema and strains and sprains as it can reduce inflammation and swelling in a short amount of time. Grab a small towel – tea towel is perfect and soak it in vinegar. Wrap this around the effected area. Leave for a couple of hours or if the Oedema is really severe you can leave it on over night. – Use a plastic bag to cover the towel to curb the smell –  Apple Cider Vinegar can be quite pungent.

If you are consistent with your efforts with the above suggestions I have no doubt you will find relief. Please share to those that you know that may suffer from this condition. Be sensible – If these suggestions don’t improve your Oedema please see your doctor.

If you would like further information please call Silverdale Natural Therapy or call to make an appointment for a BowenTherapy Treatment.– my number is 0407 847 489.  You can also visit my website at Here you can sign up for my monthly newsletter where I post some really cool and helpful holistic health information

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Yours in health

Tracy O’Meara Smith

Silverdale Natural Therapy

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