Silverlining Blog | HEAT WAVE ALERT: 4 EASY Ways To Get Your Kids to Drink Water

Struggling to get your kids to drink water?  – Here are 4 easy tips.

Currently in Perth we are experiencing a major heat wave with temperatures reaching 40 degrees plus over the next seven consecutive days. It’s really important to support ourselves, our kids and their little bodies to make sure we all can withstand this hot marathon.

As a body therapist I always tell my clients – especially after a treatment to drink, drink, drink – the body needs water to nourish and protect the brain, regulate body temperate, and remove toxins.

Body work stimulates the body to heal itself and will direct it’s natural healing process where ever it needs to go – Water is the inner medium in which this happens.

Our body is almost 50% water and is sooo needed to heal and transport the minerals for healthy metabolism. For these reasons alone it’s so beneficial for kids to get into the habit of drinking water regularly especially during this summer heat.

By drinking and staying hydrated with help them to avoid heat stroke, headaches, and cramping due to the loss of natural mineral salts and electrolytes from sweating and perspiration. If anything it will give them the advantage when dealing with fatigue and irritability during this time.

This heat wave will be a beauty! Looking after ourselves and our little ones by staying hydrated is key.

Here are 4 easy ways to get your kids to drink more water.

1. Make water easily available:
Make sure they have their own water bottles or their own funky cups? Make it fun – put stickers, have silly straws or put names on them to get them into the habit. Get the hose out – little ones love water games – especially when it’s hot. Kids love being independent  – Keep a water dispenser handy in your living areas so they can access it when they want or need it.

2. Be honest and educate. Explain to them that water is the best thing that they can do for their body. Limit other alternatives so they recognise that water is really important for their wellbeing. It’s not necessary to be too hard core – we all know kids will switch off if we are too heavy with restrictions – we want them to be motivated drinking water because it’s really good for them.

3. Talk about the colour of their wee. Kids LOVE poo, bum and wee jokes – lets face it. The colour of their urine will engage them and give them an indication when its time to get guzzling. If it’s bright yellow it means the body needs to more water to help it detoxify. The more you drink the clearer the urine is – This is the best indicator that the body is dehydrated (other than being really really thirsty). The body can also send off messages of hunger so sometimes it’s beneficial to drink first before eating

4. Experiment with Flavouring. Sometimes kids won’t drink water because of the taste – this can go for adults too – There is nothing wrong with putting flavor into the water if it encourages them to drink it. Lemon, or home made cordial – obviously low sugar alternatives are best – balance is always the key. Sugary drinks are best avoided – If anything,  sugar will and does dehydrate the system a lot faster so it’s best to avoid these. They don’t really count as the recommended daily intake.

I know a lot of people say that they don’t or avoid drinking water because they don’t want to spend their life in the toilet – I get that but when the weather is this extreme it’s really beneficial to get on board and to help your kids get in on the action.

It’s better for their little bodies and will the give them and you the stamina to withstand these hot hot days. Stay cool.

Written by:

Tracy O’Meara Smith runs and owns Silverdale Natural Therapy in the Perth Hills. You can contact me here.

I’m a Holistic Therapist specialising in Bowen, Emmett and Flower Essence Therapy.  I love empowering people in finding natural solutions for better health.  I treat kids and adults with anxiety, behavioural issues, and chronic pain. Flower Essences are fantastic in treating kids in particular please check out my website for more information.

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