Flower Essences and Kids with Allergies


Most Mums who have children who suffer and live with allergies or food intolerances are extremely aware of the natural and alternative remedies available to them.

Flower Essence Therapy is one such therapy that is becoming widely known as an effective and gentle alternative to use in times of crisis, flare ups and sickness.

Flower Essences are effective because they restore the body in a holistic way bringing about emotional and physical balance. Kids don’t carry as many emotional blocks or physical conditioning that adults do making them easily assimilated on all levels.

Preserved in either a small amount of brandy, spring water and/or apple cider vinegar – Flower Essences are incredibly easy for kids to take – a few drops under the tongue daily, taken over a series of weeks or as symptoms arise.

Children who have allergies can be very sensory by nature and therefore very sensitive to their external environment. Flower Essences can help alleviate stress to the nervous system and can help them cope.

They are also extremely beneficial for Mums or any primary carer as they can increase energy levels and invigorate the internal coping mechanisms – which is always a bonus!

Below are some wonderful remedies that can help both Mother and child. Allergies need to be managed constantly, which can be draining and irritating so it’s fantastic to have some of these in the cupboard as a trusted means of support.

It’s always best to book in for a thorough Flower Essence consultation in order to have specific issues targeted and therefore achieving greater success. However, if you would like to order any or all of the recommended tinctures please email me. Here is the link.

I’m gaining amazing results with kids that also suffer from anxiety, behavioural issues and learning problems.

Flowers for Allergies and Food Intolerance.

* Emergency Essence – This is a great go to when headaches or tummy aches first occur. It will lesson the impact and has the propensity to alleviate tummy aches altogether. Also extremely beneficial for Mum when feeling overwhelmed or when any form of crisis.

Peach Flower Tree to support the absorption of nutrients and to settle emotional mood swings

Bottle Brush great for irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea.

Dagger Hakea to encourage the gall bladder and the production of bile.

Jacaranda great for the unfocused child

Paw Paw and Crowea to invigorate the appetite and support digestion

Hybrid Pink Fairy – Fantastic to use if your child is/or can be sensitive to the environment. For Mums –If you are prone to constantly worrying about how clean the house is this comes highly recommended.

Macrocarpa – For an increase in physical and emotional energy. Overwhelm or constant sickness can drain the energy stores so this is fantastic for Mum and child.

Flower Essences are an incredibly powerful healing medium and they are so easy to administer.

If you are pulling your hair out and need some extra support- do yourself a favor and give these a go – You’ll be amazed with the results and with the peace it will give you and your children.

Much Flowery Love

Tracy O’Meara Smith

I am a Holistic Practitioner in the Perth hills of Perth and my business is called Silverdale Natural Therapy. I specialise in Flower Essence, Bowen and Emmett Therapy. I treat Mums and bubs, to the elderly and achieving amazing results. Here’s the link to my website if you want to get in touch or alternatively you can all me 0407 847 489.

Silverdale Natural Therapy offers a range of Flower Essence Treatments. They are an amazingly accurate healing modality that work effectively and deeply for a range of issues. You can contact me here.

They are especially effective for kids with anxiety issues or young babies with colic and gastric reflux. Please call us on 0407 847 489 to book a consultation or alternatively email us at [email protected]

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* Reference – Happy Healthy Kids – Ian White

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