What is Bowen Therapy | 4 Incredible Benefits

Bowen Therapy is fast becoming a widely known and effective treatment for those who suffer from a range of issues. This can include back pain, shoulder and neck problems, migraine, anxiety and hormonal imbalances. Many are gaining relief from this treatment. There are so many benefits so many are using Bowen Therapy as their regular body maintenance and go to self-care therapy.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy focuses primarily on the physical webbing encasing muscles, organs and ligaments. This is known as connective tissue or fascia. The connective tissue is what holds the body in place. Connective tissue starts from the top of the head to the base of the feet. If you influence one part of the body, you will, in turn, affect another. This is why it’s so effective

Rolling movements are made over certain points of the connective tissue. Influencing the central nervous system, the vagus nerve, receptors, and trigger points found all over the body.

Fascia/connective tissue plays a huge role in muscle coordination, postural alignment, and overall structural and functional integrity. Releasing this brings great relief and many benefits.

This means Bowen Therapy can influence the body on a deep cellular level.

When influencing the body in this way. It allows for old built up calcifications found within the CT (connective tissue) to release. Releasing them into the bloodstream, to be absorbed or excreted.

These calcifications, for the most part, are one reason for pain and discomfort. By releasing these out of the CT puts the body into a natural detox state. This creates a stimulated blood flow and allows fresh oxygen into the affected areas facilitating long term healing.

Bowen Therapy is differentiated from other forms of body therapy because of its influence on connective tissue.

It’s not considered a massage, it’s a precise treatment. Tailored specifically to the associated areas causing pain and discomfort. I’m certain this also the reason so many find relief within their first session. The body moves and naturally adjusts accordingly. Finding its own way to harmony. Finding its own way to relief.

The body doesn’t need a lot of information to bring it back into a state of alignment. Simple moves across affected areas and those associated with them, allows the body to find relief. Sometimes by “working “the muscle can over stimulate the area. Adding to the discomfort rather than relieving it.

The 4 Significant Benefits of Bowen Therapy

These are wide and varied.

1. Relieves Pain and Discomfort

Specific points are targeted to ease the muscles and the surrounding areas. By influencing one part of the body, you affect another. When certain moves are made, the body will readjust itself. From this information, the treatment is created according to the way the way the body moves and reacts after each move.

It’s a very personalized treatment according to the issues that present on the day. And in the moment.

Bowen changes the stimulus received by the central nervous system. The sensory receptors are also positively influenced. This breaks the pain/muscle spasm cycle.

Long-term, Bowen can change deeply ingrained pain patterns. Eventually changing the way the body responds and carries its self.

2. Corrects posture

Bowen Therapy awakens the body’s innate healing wisdom. It allows for old built up minerals to release back into the body.

The body will then adjust and move accordingly.

Realigning the body’s posture, so the right muscles are used to hold the body structure. This can relieve tired, aching muscles in the lower back, shoulder, and neck specifically. The muscles that are not meant to be used to hold the head, shoulder or neck in place.

Incorrect posture can be one reason for headaches, back pain and neck issues. Bowen relieves this and more.

3. Reconnects Body, Mind and Spirit.

When influencing the connective tissue, we are in effect affecting the body on a deep cellular level.

If you find you’re a person who is busy busy – always on the go. The mind is full of chatter, and you find it difficult to relax. Bowen Therapy naturally brings the body into a relaxed state.

It will help you to reconnect with yourself. It allows and facilitates body-mind connection. The body goes into a healing response, muscles will open up and relax, and the mind will slow down. It’s from this place you can reconnect and let go of stress.

It can also release stored emotional trauma such as grief. Loss can store itself within our systems on a very deep level. Bowen Therapy can help support and release this. When the body aligns emotionally – you will find you will feel a lot lighter, energized and happier. Connecting body, mind and spirit is one of the significant benefits of Bowen Therapy.

4. Detoxes and Reenergises

Especially helpful for the Immune, and Lymphatic Systems

Due to the nature of Bowen therapy, the body is put into natural detoxification. This awakens and drains the Lymphatic System, stimulating and strengthening the Immune System. When the body is moving in the way that it’s free to do, you’ll have more energy — flexibility, and movement within your body.

If you, or if you know of someone who suffers from chronic pain, remedial health issues. This can include Lyme disease, Crohn’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Lupis. Bowen therapy is a treatment that can give you the relief you’re looking for. As I ‘ve already outlined the benefits are more than just pain relief, the body is encouraged and influenced to rejuvenate and heal itself. Simply and easily.

Bowen Therapy is without a doubt an excellent natural, and holistic treatment worth exploring. Please check out the Bowen Federation of Australia for a Therapist or county association near you.

If you’re in Perth, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to book in for treatment at my hill’s clinic. You can find further information at

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Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Therapist. From a young child, you’d find Tracy making daisy chains in the far corner of her garden. If she’s not in her clinic, you’ll still find her spending time in her garden soaking up all the flowery vibes.

A strong advocate for the healing force of nature. Tracy uses the combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, ITA, Flower Essence and Mineral Therapy. These modalities are a powerful combination that relaxes the body, calm the mind and soothe the soul. Empowering women to reclaim their inner peace, relief and gain a new perspective with what they are having to manage.

Tracy works 1:1 with women within her Perth hills clinic, Silverdale Natural Therapy and also Offering remote energy healings. Treating women who suffer from chronic pain, remedial health issues and find themselves at a time of crisis are her specialty. Tracy also offers online tissue salt and flower essence programs that treat various issues from Immunity to Anxiety.

Through her own complex journey, she is sincerely motivated to leave this world a better woman and a better place. Juggling two beautiful of daughters of her own, she celebrates being unapologetically human and encourages others to the same.

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