What’s Iron Got To Do With It?

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  Anaemia, the official medical term for low Iron in our blood. It’s very common. Iron deficiency has several symptoms many of which can go unnoticed and be dismissed as something else.  Symptoms of low iron can include Dizziness Lethargy  Anxiety Headaches and Migraine Poor concentration Pale Complexion Low Immunity Recently my daughter struggled with […]

What is Tissue Salt Therapy?

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What are Tissue Salts? Tissue Salts are lactose based minerals, taken orally. In 1873, homeopath Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler found through his research, the human body needed 12 natural mineral salt elements and another 12 added, to maintain and establish balance and good health. The technical term is called “homeostasis”.

Magnesium: The Essential Element Of Life

Magnesium: The Essential Element of Life Magnesium Phosphate is one of the 12* essential nutrients needed by our bodies to maintain harmony, a strong constitution and well-being.  Check out this comprehensive guide to gain all the juicy details about Magnesium essential mineral and tissue salt goodness  10 Reasons Why Magnesium Is So Good For You If […]

Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral and How You Can Benefit

Magnesium and its benefits

The Magic Mineral: Magnesium  From the moment I opened my clinic, I noticed a pattern occurring with some of my clients. Many would cramp up as soon as they hopped on my table. I decided to do some research, and I found that this was  a sign of magnesium deficiency. Further research led me to […]

Silverlining Blog | 5 Hot Tips in Treating OEDEMA Naturally

5 HOT TIPS IN TREATING OEDEMA NATURALLY Summer time – especially in Australia can be known as OEDEMA (or Edema) Season when feet, ankles and hands can swell due to excess fluid retention. It’s really really uncomfortable and joints can feel really tight and sore. It is common for pregnant women to suffer from Oedema. Its also […]