Flower Essences and Mental Focus

Flower Essences and Mental Focus, Flower Essences, Brain Fog, Concentration, Study, Exams

Got a deadline? Or have to study for an exam? You have responsibilities you just have to get done and you can’t seem to focus on a damn thing?

I have you’re back.

Mental focus can be somewhat elusive for some of us.

It can feel super frustrating, and annoying and we can tend to overthink the simplest things. It can have you pulling your hair out and then stress by not being able to focus.

Or embarrassing when you vague out mid-sentence in an important meeting or in a general conversation.

If you answer yes to any or all of the following questions, know you’re not alone

  • Do you struggle to focus on the task at hand or to get things done on an everyday level?
  • Do you find that you walk into another room and you forget why you are there?
  • Or do you stare at your computer screen and look at the page, pick up your phone and start mindlessly scrolling?
  • In the midst of a conversation with someone and you vague out mid-sentence and forget what the conversation is about? Or even what you were saying?

There are a few reasons for this – stress is usually the culprit.

It can be simply an indication to slow down. Regroup or walk away and start again

I’ve added 4 awesome tips ( see below) you can use to improve and create and maintain mental focus below.

One of them being my Focus Flower Essence – it helps to calm the farm and get the brain to access and channel it’s own creative processes, finding intuitive solutions. 

The central nervous system can feel confronted when having to sit and focus on any one task – especially when trauma or even grief is apparent.

This is when Flower Essences come into their own.

They’re liquid tinctures used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. All are created from the healing energy of plants and flowers. They are very subtle in nature and are vibrational in nature.

Vibrational medicine such as flower essence is incredibly effective as they cut through the mind – you can’t get in your own way, allowing the body to find its own innate wisdom to inner peace and balance.

Essences may work immediately, over a couple of days or even over weeks or months depending on the issues you’re dealing with. You can read more about them here.

I formulated a flower essence remedy especially to support finding focus and letting go of feeling mentally scattered.


Focus Flower Essence


Focus Flower Essence, Flower Essences, Silverdale Natural Therapy, Mental focusI formulated the Focus flower essence to support during times of stress, or feeling emotionally overwhelmed or when you need to get something accomplished – like studying, a blog, or even reading. 

When the mind cannot focus, we cannot be productive, nor connected to what is going on around us. I created this to support my process through a time of grief and stress and due to trauma just couldn’t for the life of me focus on anything. I know it works.

FOCUS flower essence also supports a deeper process. You can focus on a single task from start to finish. It can help alleviate that feeling of having to get things done.

Having to be still and sit still can find you feeling super avoidant and bring up unrepressed emotions. Especially through times of grief. This can feel threatening. We cannot seem to focus or even avoid focusing to avoid connecting with the self and with others.

Pain and diversion of it can be the reason many cannot focus for long or they get bored and are easily distracted.

Side note: body work such as Bowen Therapy can help alleviate stress and strengthen the body-mind connection.

Focus Flower Essence can help support, and bring a sense of calm and focus to the moment.

The benefits:

  • Creating calm

  • Feeling safe to stay in one spot for a small length of time

  • Brings a subtle change in the way you focus – it becomes natural very quickly

  • Strengthening your inner connection – understand what’s worth focusing on

  • Productivity

  • A greater sense of self-worth

It supports letting go and allowing one to be, opening you up to a greater flow of ideas and productivity.

In combination with gentle exercise, regular breaks and time to regroup to help keep the brain refreshed and on point.

A reminder, to get the most out of your brain and inner focus – 45 mins stints are recommended.

The brain needs a break after 45 mins and you will notice it starts to wander around this time, indicating a break is needed. I have included a productivity app to help.

Focus Flower Essence is ideal for students who are struggling to settle for study, writers and creatives who need clear focus and distracted procrastinators who want to get stuff done.

In today’s busy world we are bombarded with distractions that make it hard to focus, so if your mind is always wandering with a short attention span then this essence is ideal for you. 


                     4 Simple Tips to Improve Mental Focus.


1. Body, Mind, Soul, Gut and Liver Connections – Flowers have the Power

Improving our mental focus,  concentration, attention, and memory can be linked to how well our gut is digesting food or how our liver is detoxing our blood.

I encourage you to do your own research.

I highly recommend reading the book The Human Superorganism – This is a great book in understanding how our physical and establishing a nurturing, nourishing diet can change A LOT within ourselves, how we feel, and how we think. How we cognitively function.

Adding exercise, and ways to channel negative emotion such as journaling and colouring in.

I’m a huge advocate for both. Both help us to calm our minds and shift out of negative mind states, alleviating the noise to find a level of focus without distraction. 

Working with the flower essences and combining bodywork such as Bowen Therapy help to create also a strong relationship with the self and when you do that – you become self-aware and make choices that are true for you.

When we can have directorship in our life in this way – all benefits – come from a deeper purpose or attune to something deeper.

2. Be smart with your time on technology, and social media

In Johann Hari’s book, Stolen Focus brings awareness to the reasons why we’re not able to focus or hold attention for any length of time.

Our modern-day system has been set up with heavy reliance on technology, together with the implementation of social media has changed the way we think, and how to process information.

It’s also changed the way we relate to each other.

Regular stints on a computer or phone are draining – it does not fuel the central nervous system. Constant use does not make us better. Or more productive. There’s no reciprocal energy to refill or to just relax. We can get easily stung out and energetically drained

Feeling drained and overwhelmed we lack the capacity to give, be present or to even care. There’s a limited capacity for personal energy and empathy.

This book is an eye-opening read and I highly recommend it. When talking about improving our mental focus and capacity to concentrate this is a good go-to.

It advocates for changing our habits, even locking up our phones in a K-safe to force a break and get back to basics.

3. Getting Back to Basics – Perfect Boundaries – Personal Check-In

Coming back to who we are, to the heart of who we are and centring into our minds, body and souls without tech and all that this brings.

When we have soo much on our plate, there’s this human trait that humans tend to do – is put more on our plate when it is already full. And from there we tend to focus on how much work we have to do rather than focusing on what the task is at hand – or even juggling all the other responsibilities.

 Focus comes easily when we have things that have a place and a purpose and being realistic about what you can accomplish in any one day – helps to support what you are trying to achieve.

Less is more and helps us focus deeper and in a more qualitative way rather than a quantitive one.

You choose how this looks – but simplifying and getting back to what’s true and of value helps you to find that balance of time and energy, focus and productivity.

Some days things just happen and the energy is just not available to us. You can account for these if you allow space in the schedule at times.

.4. Productivity apps, list-making and organised.

There are many productivity apps that can help us lift the mental load if we are struggling to focus due to, too many to-do’s and feel responsible for everything.

Pomodoro Timers are fab, making a list and brain dumping everything that sits in your mind.

This is a great purge to do before you go to sleep at night. Not only improves mental focus, yet also helps to alleviate any mind chatter that can fall on repeat in an overactive mind – The Amano Flower Essence is very good for this.

Feeling organised – like simple things of laying out the clothes you are wearing the next day or having a simple schedule or routine can free the mind from these simple tasks so you can focus on the bigger one.

You will feel a lot lighter and more in control in ways that you can choose, rather than something or someone chooses for you.


Feeling Vague? Do You Have Brain Fog?


A quick note if you find that lack of focus is a continual occurrence, check in and regulate that central nervous system.

Long-term Stress and overwhelm look like this.

Tissue Salts are also great support.

Tissue Salts are natural minerals that you can add to your day-to-day regime. This, combined with flower essences will hold you in good stead and if you find you are still struggling to find focus, then a deeper investigation is needed. 

Smaller than a blood cell, tissue salts are easily absorbed and if you have gut issues you needn’t worry as these are absorbed via the mouth tissue.  You can read about it here. 

To support the Liver Sodium Sulphate is usually recommended, this helps to support the way the body detoxes and eliminates waste.  Simple yet very effective and affordable. You can check out my online store here.

In 2022, COVID has also had an effect on the early days of recovery – brain fog has been noticeable, even for a few days, sometimes weeks even months after recovery.

These tips can support this process. 

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