Astro Flower Essence Energy Report | New Moon March 2020

This New moon on March 24th heralds in the reset of the Astrological new year. And, well, what a cracker of a new year. No slow dancing, big bangs or whistles at this party. We can’t even be in the same room!  There’s some major Astro energy abound with some powerful flower essence healing to accompany it.

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March Full Moon | Astro Flower Essence Healing Report

Silverdale Natural Therapy, Flower essences, Astrology, Holistic healing Perth hills
The full moon in Virgo. Symbolized by a virtuous woman. A woman who seeks wholeness through the connection of the earth.
She embodies the purity of spirit.
She carries strong intuitive qualities and discernment.
Her refinement is always noted in what she wants to create.
Virgo is a very strong and necessary image of our time.

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January New Moon | Astro and Flower Healing Energy Report

New Moon Astro Flower essence healing report

Far out what a month. The theme for this new moon flowery essence love Astro report – is one of stepping forward and expressing your soul self. Be who you want to be and ask for what you want and need to thrive and stay sane in this ever-changing earthly landscape.

If you’ve been feeling knackered and heed the need to slow down. Really listen. There’s wisdom making it’s way to you and this is the way to integrate it. Or slow down to pivot direction. Or slow down to change something. Or slow down to rest and heal.

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What is an #Emflowerment Session?

Emflowerment, Baihui, Flower Power, Flower Essences

My love for flower essences started over 10 years ago. When I had my first Baihui session my life changed. What’s that you asked? When I tell you – you’re going to want to jump right in. This is an incredibly empowering session that can change your life forever. The true force of flower essence healing is felt through this treatment – your thoughts, fears and emotions will transform under the guise of flowery love.

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September Astro and Flower Healing Energy Report

flower essence tracy Omeara smith

Happy September. This edition of the Flower Essence and Astro healing energy report arriving a little early. The energy of September month kicks off with a potent new moon in late August.

Virgo New Moon 30th August

Virgo energy is organized. Symbolized by the Virgin, meaning wholeness, routines, and natural cycles. This new moon is an ideal time to plant seeds as it’s the beginning of this new cycle.

A month to simplify.

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August Astro and Flower Healing Energy report

July was a big month. Significant foundational shifts apparent. The depth of release life changing. There was a lot of attention to self care, or the lack there of, to reconnection and reviewing massive changes ready to take place. There is a lot of good energy, harmony and healing on offer this August and this months Astro and Flower Healing report will explain why.

What I do know for sure, (or wishful thinking) the the energy of August, will not have us walking through July’s initiation. Or the feels of standing in quicksand. The depth of the retrograde energy of July, took us to some icky and possibly deeply lethargic places. The inertia and unmotivated feelings will disappear as we move into August.

August is about to change everything. For the better.

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July 2019 Flower Essence and Astro Healing Report

This flower essence healing astro report for July is full of healing energy. This month is bringing a lot forward for so many. The ideal, to empower, release and liberate. June felt like a very long month and yet here we are, over half way through 2019.

A timely reminder perhaps that time is fleeting. Even if it feels like it’s standing still. It’s not. The world is always moving. It never stops.

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Grief, Loss and Motherhood

A few weeks ago our mainstream and social media were filled with images of grief and disbelief. A mass shooting in New Zealand. There have been others since.

Images of heads cupped in hands. The blank stares of disbelief.

Visions of a national leader, Jacinda Ardern, stepping up to lead. Leading with compassion and connection. Using language and the voice invoking calm and healing. Rather than separation and chaos.

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