Chiron | Cosmic Cycle of Personal Empowerment

Chiron Cycles and Flower Essences

Chiron | Cosmic Cycle of Personal Empowerment   Using Flower Essences for Transformation and Healing .  As a Holistic Practitioner, I always seek ways to support my clients. To help them move and groove out old patterns or find ways they can connect to themselves. This means accessing their inner wisdom to find clarity through […]

Flower Essences and Mental Focus

Flower Essences and Mental Focus, Flower Essences, Brain Fog, Concentration, Study, Exams

Got a deadline? Or have to study for an exam? You have responsibilities you just have to get done and you can’t seem to focus on a damn thing? I have you’re back. Mental focus can be somewhat elusive for some of us. It can feel super frustrating, and annoying and we can tend to […]

What is the Human Energy System?

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What is the Human Energy System? Millions of years ago ancient yogis, who are practitioners of yoga, an ancient form of body movements and postures, designed to bring the body into complete harmony with the self, a divine source, and the earth. This philosophy is rooted in the discovery of the human energy system. Comprising […]

What Is A Baihui Session?

What is a Baihui Session? My love for flower essences started over 10 years ago. And through my training I experienced the power of the flowers, experiencing the elevation and insight the energy and frequency the flowers energy.  This opened my eyes to so many possibilities of healing, insight and personal connection. This is an […]

Grief, Loss and Motherhood

Grief, Loss and Motherhood . A few weeks ago our mainstream and social media were filled with images of grief and disbelief. A mass shooting in New Zealand. There have been others since. Images of heads cupped in hands. The blank stares of disbelief. Visions of a national leader, Jacinda Ardern, stepping up to lead. […]

The Magic of Flower Essence Therapy

Waratah Magic of Flower Essence Tracy O'Meara Smith

The Magic Of Flower Essence Therapy Nature can uplift, cleanse, rejuvenate, heal and transform any space. Flower Essence therapy has become a widely accepted energy and natural healing modality. It works and is very effective. Especially for those that are feeling emotionally raw and/or sensitive.

What is Tissue Salt Therapy?

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What are Tissue Salts? Tissue Salts are lactose based minerals, taken orally. In 1873, homeopath Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler found through his research, the human body needed 12 natural mineral salt elements and another 12 added, to maintain and establish balance and good health. The technical term is called “homeostasis”.

What is Bowen Therapy | 4 Incredible Benefits

Bowen Therapy is fast becoming a widely known and effective treatment for those who suffer from a range of issues. This can include back pain, shoulder and neck problems, migraine, anxiety and hormonal imbalances. Many are gaining relief from this treatment. There are so many benefits so many are using Bowen Therapy as their regular […]

Silverdale Natural Therapy |The Essence of Grief

  It’s the holiday season again. A time many dread. It can be tough. Reigniting old feelings of loss and grief. Or even magnify recent losses. It’s very challenging to navigate. Loss and death are not subjects that we necessarily openly talk about.